School Makes 3-Year-Olds Sign Pledge Not to Use ‘Transphobic Language’

Let’s see, now… how can I phrase this most gently? Oh, I know!

Public school officials are perverted wackos who shouldn’t ever be allowed near  children.

Think it ain’t so? Well, go ahead–you try to find an innocent and reasonable explanation for the teachers at this school in England having little three-year-olds formally pledge never to use “transphobic language” ( ).

Once again the Mother Country leads the way down to Avernus. This is the Turnham Primary School in South London, a building that looks like either a prison or an old-fashioned mental hospital

. The pledge also requires toddlers to promise to eschew “homophobic” language and “to be tolerant of people with different sexual orientations and lifestyles.” This brilliant idea, reports The Daily Mail, originated with the teachers at Turnham, who “introduced the document to help stamp out playground prejudice against transgender people.”

So that was a major problem, was it–three-year-olds being nasty about weird sexual proclivities?

I”m pretty sure I couldn’t sign my name when I was three years old. Nor did I know a single thing about “lifestyles,” to say nothing of poor lost souls getting portions of their anatomy chopped off so they can say they are members of the sex opposite to that proclaimed by the chromosomes in every cell of their bodies. If little children do know about this stuff, it’s because some sleazy “teacher” insisted on telling them all about it. Teachers are “change agents,” you know.

Please, please–if you love your children, do not send them to a public school. Ever.

8 comments on “School Makes 3-Year-Olds Sign Pledge Not to Use ‘Transphobic Language’

  1. Oh, for heaven’s sake, I give up. Well, they do make it easier to be ‘in the world, but not of it’, I guess. Every time they pull a stunt like this, I feel just a little more disconnected to this world, and a little more ready to get to Heaven.

  2. Blessings to all you parents who have rescued your precious children from such wickedness. At age 3, I was only beginning to read, but never could I have understood such idiocy as this.

  3. Why don’t they just strap the 3 year-olds to a chair, heavily sedate them with drugs, and then play tapes all day that brainwash them.

    On the nooze recently was a 10 year old who took a knee during the Pledge to the Flag at a public meeting that got a lot of attention. The dad said he was proud of his son, as if the dad had nothing to do with his son taking a knee – give me a break.

    1. When I become the Great Conquering Khan of America, I will ban the phrase “take a knee” and anyone who actually does it will be required to stay that way… for a longer time than he likes.

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