P.S.–If You Can’t Leave a Comment

WordPress is trying to iron out this problem of readers being unable to post comments here, although they try: but WordPress has asked me to provide more information.

They want to know exactly what happens when you try to “Leave a Reply” but are not allowed to. I’ve gotten a lot of complaints about this, but I have no idea what’s causing it.

I also don’t know how, if you can’t post a comment, you’ll be able to answer my question so I can pass it on to WordPress.

Please be patient, we’re working on the problem.

11 comments on “P.S.–If You Can’t Leave a Comment

    1. Can you remember why it wouldn’t let you, so I can tell WordPress? What did you do differently, to make it work?

  1. Maybe not WordPress but the leftist atheist homofascist feminist, etc conspiracy. (Let’s see if this gets thru)

  2. This is a test for your comments section, Lee … Human-induced global warming is real! Deniers should take their heads out of the sand and try reading real science for once!

    1. The principle I use is this: if a proposition is being advanced by persons who are notorious liars, who will gain fantastic wealth and power if they put it over, I refuse to believe that proposition. If John Kerry, Obama, Michael Mann, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, the UN, and the rest are for it–there can’t possibly be an ounce of truth in it.

    2. The UN?

      (heh heh)

      oh well, at least the comments posting section is working!

  3. I run blogs and I suggest that you look under Settings – conversation I think it is. If you go through all the settings you will find the one that has to do with comments. Probably your problem is located there.

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