Today’s Howler–Sun-Gazing

Natural News (May 25) sent us an article that posed the question, “Can ancient ‘sun-gazing’ therapy help reactivate a calcified pineal gland?”

Well, I dunno… I lost interest in that particular article when I saw a link to an earlier article about Ending World Hunger through sun-gazing ( ).

Sun-gazing? Also known as staring at the sun. There followed a Joel Osteen-type urban legend about NASA studying this wise yogi from India whose many years of sun-gazing allowed him to live without ever having to eat. Apparently he’d learned how to photosynthesize, like a plant.

This, said the sage, is how you end world hunger: everybody stare at the sun, and by and by nobody will need any food anymore.

Okay, you don’t just walk outside at high noon and stare directly into the sun until, in a few minutes, you go blind. Oh, no, no! You’ve got to work up to it gradually, until you can keep your eyes fixed on the sun for 44 minutes–not 43, not 45, and don’t ask me ’cause I don’t know–with no ill effects.

WARNING: Please, folks, do not try this! Even if you honestly do think it might End World Hunger. Or Homophobia. Or Income Inequality. It might even be Real Spiritual.

But whatever else it is, it’s a sure-fire way to damage your eyes.

Oh, the crap people gobble up, once they’ve cast away belief in God!

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