Can Satan Be Tempted to Do Good?

Can the Devil be tempted to do good, instead of evil?

That’s a question, so I hear, which may be addressed by the new devil-friendly TV series, Lucifer Morningstar. I’m not looking to give them free publicity, so after these remarks I’ll shut up about it.

Before Hollywood screenwriters can grapple with this question, they ought to demonstrate that they know the difference between good and evil–something which is very much in doubt. Most of their output indicates that they have mistaken one for the other.

In an age of rampant Biblical illiteracy, Hollywood is more illiterate than most. Just look at their product. Not that everything they produce is pure toxic slime: but an awful lot of it is nothing else.

In his classic, The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis wrote a whole book from the viewpoint of a devil. What do you want to bet none of the Lucifer Morningstar crowd ever read it?

There’s nothing a TV series will be able to do better than C.S. Lewis has already done it.

18 comments on “Can Satan Be Tempted to Do Good?

  1. There’s nothing a TV series will be able to do better than C.S. Lewis has already done it.
    That is so true!
    This new TV show sounds (and looks) stupid. I wonder if they would be so keen on producing a show that made Hitler or Kim Jong Un look sympathetic? And they’re just small potatoes compared to Satan. Hey, here’s an idea: Why not make a show based on the ACTUAL DEVIL. Not sympathetic, but just following the Biblical account. That might actually be interesting if done right. Of course, it would be all kinds of horrible if done wrong … never mind, enough television has been made to last the world another thousand years at least.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! I didn’t know such an award existed–nose buried in content, I’m not up on the social media scene or computer stuff in general. Thanks again, Doc–I’m honored.

  2. Hadn’t heard about Lucifer Morningstar but, yes, Hollywood has been busily borrowing and re-working Scripture in recent years. Sleepy Hollow is also a silly mishmash biblical refs and made-up prophecies.

    1. Hollywood liberals should just leave religion alone. They have no feel for it–a completely tin ear, as it were.

    2. As bad as the Hollywood version was, I can only imagine how much worse it would be if they left the story up to the public schools.

    3. They would have, if they’d thought of it. But they would probably be looking more for a transgender angle.

    4. Of course. Because that is also so normalized. And don’t forget to throw in that they would probably include Nephillim as good people too

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