That Blasted Christian Meddling!

We’re used to liberals and other pagans advising Christians how to be Christians, usually by admitting the libs are right about everything and the Bible is wrong. But when it comes from a supposed fellow Christian, it’s a little hard to swallow.

Some “missional” preacher–and don’t ask me what that means, this is the first I’ve ever heard of it, it’s probably just another newfangled experiment in para-Christianity–named Lance Ford has complained about Franklin Graham calling on Christians to boycott the Wells Fargo Bank after they ran a commercial featuring a couple of lesbians adopting a little girl. Handing a child over to lesbians doesn’t bother Mr. Ford one iota, but asking Christians to express their opposition to such a thing–well, that bothers him a lot. He calls it meddling, a crime on a par with theft or murder–look, he says it, not me–and has written an article, Hey, Christian Meddler: Stop It! ( )

Dash it all! Can’t you Christians just shut up and let Satan’s servants run the show? If you was real Christians like Mr. Ford, you would just be nice and nicer than nice to everybody, and never say or do anything that someone didn’t like, and you would treat every elected or appointed public servant like an emperor, and you would just never, ever interfere with organized sodomy’s favorite societal re-engineering projects.

It’s just more of the same pietism that got Christians out of public affairs and created a vacuum filled by atheists, to the downright obvious detriment of our civilization.

Was it meddling, Mr. Ford, when Christians, after a long struggle, finally persuaded the British Parliament to outlaw the slave trade? Would you rather they’d just shut up about it, and gone around simpering winsomely to villains?

Today’s great cultural issue is sexual slavery–slavery to sin, slavery to perversion, even to the extent of the slaves’ making war on their own bodies to “change their gender” (but you can’t change even one of your body’s millions of cells from one sex to another). Politicians, academics, school teachers, judges, lawyers, “entertainers,” noozies, and “activists” who promote that slavery are in the business of rounding up souls and herding them to Hell.

I’m inclined to meddle with that to the best of my ability. How about you?

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  1. Another excellent blog. These groups and movements you write about are, among other things, dictatorial. One of many terrible features of dictatorships is they don’t simply make you obey–they must also make you like what they do or are. At least, eventually, dictatorships fail. Of course, horrors develop before the dictator is put down. Ray Miller

  2. Just outstanding Friend Lee, we have spiritual dysfunctional leaders today in Church and secular leadership and they are blank on God’s word to mankind period. They need a little peek of hell and its torments to realize God means what He say’s in his Word. Dark day’s ahead for this nation.

  3. I guess he has never heard of the Black Robe Regiment. They were American clergy who preached against British tyranny that led up to the American Revolution, a good two decades before it happened. The British saw them largely responsible for the American Revolution, so much so that it is said that King George called it a “Presbyterian rebellion”. So, the Christians at the time of our founding had no such qualms about “meddling”, and mixing politics with religion. Here’s the thing, the other side is not going to abide by such rules. All they do is meddle and force things upon us that nobody wanted in the first place, except the radical left. I wonder what Lance Ford would have wrote of Jesus’ “meddling” if he lived back then.

  4. Rushdoony revealed how the church lost its salt when it embraced soul-winning and eschewed culture building. The defeatist attitude of the modern church has feminized its mission. This satirical “hymn” says it all. Instead of confessing we are more than conquerors in Christ, we have “throwing in the towel” as a mantra.

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