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‘Send the Light’

I never heard this hymn before. Isn’t it beautiful? Send the Light, sung by the Altar of Praise Men’s Chorale, a good old hymn from 1890–make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

‘Hail Him the King of Glory’

I have to take Robbie in for her checkup this morning, but first a hymn–Hail Him the King of Glory, performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy in British Columbia: with God’s own stage settings in the background.

Ah! ‘Light of the World’

Okay, there’s nobody out there cursing or fighting just now, the cats are fed, and now let our souls be lit by Jesus Christ Our Lord, the Light of the World–the true Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world (John 1:9). This is the Light the darkness can’t put out–not even the darkness of this evil age.

Written by Charles Wesley, performed by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

Christianity is Wild

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The thing you have to remember about Aslan–who symbolizes Jesus Christ in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia–is the oft-repeated warning, “He’s not a tame lion.”

And Christianity is not a tame religion.

Do you ever wonder why the Romans tried to hard, for so long, to wipe out Christianity? After all, they tolerated other religions. Could it be they were afraid of Christianity?

Well, if they weren’t, they should’ve been. Because we Christians, if we take our faith at all seriously and try to be conformed to God’s Word rather than to the ways of this world, are crazy. Really. We are out to lunch.

We believe in an almighty God, in fact the only God, who loved the world so much, He sent His only begotten Son down from Heaven to be born as a baby, live as a man, keep the holy Law without committing a single sin, to be brutally murdered on the cross as atonement for our sins–who then rose from the dead, as He said He would, ascended into Heaven, and will surely come again: because it is His divine right to rule over all Creation.

He also walked on water.

And He has absolute authority. He has it–not the state, not Science. He has it, and only He. Jesus Christ the King of Kings, who was and is and is to be.

Could anything be more counter-cultural? Really, is this tame or wild? And all that stuff about salvation and eternal life, forgiveness of sins, miracles–oh, come on! miracles?–by all the standards of our worldly wisdom, this, as St. Paul said, is foolishness. “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness” (1 Corinthians 1:18).

O Lord our God, help us to embrace our wildness! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Blaming God

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So whose fault is it if an ordained minister of the gospel gets sentenced to a jail term for distributing child pornography?

God’s fault.

Father So-and-So said he collected and distributed kiddie porn to get “revenge” on God ( See, he lost a lot of money playing online poker because God had it in for him and wouldn’t let him win. So God kind of drove him into getting involved with the most debased pornography available.

The judge wasn’t buying it; but you do wonder if this addled priest, in his own mind, had succeeded in justifying himself at God’s expense.

Was this guy teaching Christianity to anyone? Preaching it? Trying to explain it? Yeesh.

Where did he get his ideas? Did he cook them up himself, or is this what he learned from another kook in the seminary? “Well, confound it, Lord! I prayed to you to make me win at poker–to take someone else’s money, see, and give it to me–and blow me down if you didn’t pay the slightest attention! Okay, you asked for it, Lord…”

They say there’s no quality control in house churches.

Well, where was this guy’s quality control?

Beautiful! ‘Blessed Assurance’

This classic Fanny Crosby hymn began asserting itself in my mind last night–Blessed Assurance, here performed by Nathan and Lyle and assorted family members in Denton County, Texas. That young girl with the flute has got some voice to go with it! Shows you what you can do, when you set your mind to praise the Lord at home.

Persecuted Prophets

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I was distressed to learn from Phoebe this morning that Cardinal Raymond Burke, who was kicked upstairs to the Vatican some years ago after he refused to allow abortion-happy Democrat politicians to take communion in his church, was this year demoted about as far down the ladder as they could push him.

It shouldn’t surprise us. There’s no way a faithful servant of God can prosper under the Red Pope, Francis I. Cardinal Burke had several times publicly rebuked the pope for his habit of playing hooky from orthodox Catholic teaching–and from the Word of God itself, as given to us in the Bible. Burke has always stood tall for the Bible. Especially on issues of sexual morality, where the Red Pope is infamously wobbly.

The good news is that Cardinal Burke is down but not out. He refuses to keep silence, and European newspapers seek him out for views and comments. In other words, he’d better watch his topknot.

A similar fate overtook another hero of the church, Peter Akinola, former head of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria, former Archbishop of Abuja. For years, Archbishop Akinola fought for God’s law as more and more of the Anglican Communion plunged itself into rebellion against the Lord for the benefit of sodomy, preferring to seek the favor of this world. In 2009 Archbishop Akinola was one of a multitude of Christian leaders who signed the Manhattan Declaration–for obedience to God’s word, against obedience to the world’s drive for “inclusion” and “affirmation.” In 2010 he was “retired” from all his leadership positions within the church.

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Lest we Protestants sneer at Catholics and Anglicans for punishing their prophets for speaking truth inside of lies, we ought to inquire more closely into the workings of our own flatline denominations. Check out what our seminaries are getting up to: inventing new “theologies” by the day, and thumbing their noses at the Bible. Drop in on the next Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly–we never know what to expect from one of those.

When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith in the Earth?

Depends on where you look, O Lord. It depends on where you look.

Encore: ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’

Gloria in Excelsis Deo–“Glory to God in the highest”–don’t worry if you don’t speak Latin, St. Saens’ music, sung by Libera, will speak to you clearly enough.

I hope you don’t mind my posting this again. We need encouragement, in this evil age. We need the strength that God can give us.

Because We Need It: ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

If plodding through the daily news these days doesn’t make you feel like you’ve wound up in Pilgrim’s Progress, I don’t know what will. I sometimes think John Bunyan wrote that book, and this hymn, especially for us.

We must be pilgrims, not castaways. God put us here and now for a reason. Let us shoulder the burdens He gave us, and serve Him with all our hearts.

I particularly love this version of the hymn by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. Go get ’em, Maddy!

My NewswithViews Column, Sept. 14 (Liberals and Earth Worship)

Here’s this week’s grinding-out-out Newswithviews column:

Yes, I know I repeat things that I’ve already said on this blog. Well, I doubt most NWV readers also read this blog. I’m always trying to attract more of them, but the trial-and-error method does take time.

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