New Muppets TV Show–Filth

Gentlemen’s Quarterly, GQ, is not known for being prudish. Nevertheless, they find ABC’s new Muppets TV show “creepy” and way over the top with sex ( ).

Here is a new realm of filthiness. Take what started out as a beloved fantasy for kids, retailor it for alleged adults, fill it to the brim with trash, and presto! Instant depravity.

But don’t take my word for it. This is GQ saying it, not me. GQ has a poor devil who had to actually watch this ca-ca so he could review it. Me, I think I’ll pass.

Folks, you can’t just kill the culture and expect nothing bad to come of it.  There’s no way puppets having round-the-clock sex is a good thing for anyone to be pumping into his brain.

4 comments on “New Muppets TV Show–Filth

  1. What they have done to the Muppets is truly disgraceful. I loved them as a kid and wanted to pass that love on to my kids. Instead they are forbidden to watch. I am angry and saddened at the same time. Jim Henson is surely rolling in his grave right now.

  2. Have you noticed that the war on goodness and morality is being waged asymmetrically throughout our society? Consider the resources, coordination, commitment, and the audacity of it all. Is this all being implemented by human ingenuity or is there a spiritual component to it all? I am fully persuaded there is something very sinister behind all of it and it appears prophesy’s given long ago which have in the past that were misinterpreted, are now converging with increasing accuracy in our time. The next few years or decades will prove to be as they say, veeerrrrrryyy interesting. Daniel

    1. There is always a spiritual component to history. I have no doubt at all that the machinations of our leaders and opinion-shapers are inspired by Satan.

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