I’ve Been Nominated for ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award

I thank Ajoobacats ( ajoobacatsblog.com/ ) for nominating me.

The rules: 1) Thank the person who nominated you 2) List the rules (I’m doing it) and display the award 3) List 7 facts about yourself 4) Nominate 15 others bloggers. Here goes…

  1. Back in the last century, I had 4 horror novels published.
  2. I’ve now had 7 fantasy novels published, with No. 8 on the way.
  3. I am a contributing editor with The Chalcedon Foundation.
  4. I’ve been married to my wife, Patricia, for 38 years.
  5. I read the Bible every day.
  6. Way, way back, I was chess champion of Upsala College, which no longer exists.
  7. My honors thesis in college was “A Political Analysis of the Viking Age.”    And now to nominate 15 other bloggers. If I can get this computer to stop adding numbers to this list.
  8. 1. Ajoobacats 2. amanhimself 3. rivendale review 4. through open lens 5. en un rincon de la alma 6. leona’s blog of shadows 7. city jackdaw 8. comfy reading 9. johnny angel advocacy group 10. d. marie prokop 11.weavingword 12. Gee, I’m running out of names here… I’ve done the best I can.
  9. And it’s still spitting numbers at me. *sigh*  PS–Another rule: you have to let your nominees know you’ve nominated them by a post on their site.

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