Again–Students Assigned to Write ‘Suicide Notes’

You ship off your children to institutions, to be “educated” by strangers who were themselves educated in the same institutions, because_________?

For this report we nip off to England, where 10th-graders at Beauchamps High School in Wickford, Essex, were assigned to write suicide notes as an English Lit class lesson (|htmlws-main-nb|dl18|sec3_lnk4%26pLid%3D1523068813 ).

Oh, don’t worry–they weren’t told to follow up by actually committing suicide. It was just to help them understand a suicidal character in a book they were reading.

Like iron filings to a magnet, “educators” are drawn to whatever confuses, corrupts, unsettles, or destroys their students. This is not the first time teens in a fancy-schmancy school have been directed to write suicide notes. Probably won’t be the last, either.

Whatsoever is filthy, whatsoever is self-destructive, shameful, or abusive, whatsoever is against the law of God, whatsoever is damnable or foul–

You will find it in our schools today.

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  1. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could have thought this a good idea, but obviously there are some not-so-bright people out there and this teacher was among them.

    1. Unfortunately, Lee, I must agree with you – especially as it relates to us old useless ones.

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