I’ve Bought a Bike

Det. William Murdoch (right) gets ready for a bike race. It must have been a slow day for murders.

All right, so I’ve got high blood pressure and I don’t want to be on any medication for it. It’s diet and exercise that’ll get my weight down and reduce the BP. Only I just won’t do calisthenics or lift weights, and walking takes up a lot of time and is boring, and there’s only so much I can do with my sword…

So we went out today and bought a bike. It’s a Huffy Cruiser, a straight up-and-down bike–none of this bending over the handlebars with my tuchas way up in the air, making like I’m in training for the Tour de France or auditioning for the remake of Breaking Away. Keep it simple, says I.

Now we’ve got to get it home from Wal-Mart. My wife was worried that I might do myself a mischief, riding it home. It’s been a very long time since I regularly rode a bike. But I know a back way that avoids the heavy car traffic, and anyway, you don’t forget how to ride a bicycle. Besides, Detective William Murdoch rides a bike in Murdoch Mysteries, so now I will have something in common with him. Wouldn’t surprise me if I wound up solving a murder or two.

Well, let’s see how I make out. Betcha I’ll be zooming all over town before you know it.

If I don’t do myself a mischief.

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  1. I agree: riding is way more fun than walking. But won’t getting involved in a murder case bring your blood pressure up? You’d better stay away from anyone with a British accent 🙂

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