I’m Back (in One Piece)

It’s hard to find a photo that truly captures the Ben-Hur aspect of driving on the Garden State Parkway.

Okay, we made it back and forth to my sister’s house, 110 miles on the Garden State Parkway, without getting killed or injured.

Next hurdle: tomorrow morning, installing my aunt in the nursing home. We have grounds for hoping it might not be as bad as we feared–might even turn out to be good for her.

And so sometime early Friday afternoon, things will be back to normal around here, or as near to normal as they get.

I think maybe Joe Collidge will want to check in tomorrow to tell you about his interllectural Thanksgiving.

2 comments on “I’m Back (in One Piece)

  1. Praise God! Our Father hears and answers prayer. Have a blessed Thanksgiving to you, your family and your readers.

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