Your Truth, My Truth, and the Progressives’ Magic Trick

I’m sure I’ve seen this guy up in front of a classroom somewhere.

See if you  can follow this logic. It’s “progressives'” logic, so it might be hard.

A. There is no such thing as objective truth. There is only your truth and my truth and somebody else’s truth–which, of course, is no truth at all, as the word is commonly understood, as being true for everybody.

OK, you got A? Then here is B.

B. Any assertion made by any party on the Left, in the service of the Left’s agenda, is absolutely, positively true, and anyone who dissents from it is a hateful bigot and enemy of the people.

How do they do that? It’s more mystifying than the Indian Rope Trick. Every day it bamboozles several million college students.

Like, how come nobody ever asks, “But, professor–if there is no such thing as truth, why are we obligated to support abortion, gay marriage, amnesty, and all the rest of it, or else? If nothing is true, why is that stuff true?”

You teach them that there’s no truth, and then you tell them what they must believe. You teach the student how to reason like a block of cement. And no one ever stands up and yells “Whoa! That makes no sense whatsoever! If there’s your truth and my truth, how come your truth always wins and my truth always loses?”

But this is how they train them to become moral imbeciles and Social Justice Warriors at the same time. It’s almost as good as a total brain removal operation, and better in that it employs a lot more people–teachers’ union members, college professors, noozies, Democrat politicians, etc.

America’s universities–where minds and morals go to die.

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  1. First, let me say that my head is spinning, so if there are typos that could be why. I thank God and good parents for my Catholic education in the ’50s and ’60s and my escape from the liberal institutions of “higher learning”. Since the takeover of the education system (I believe it was facilitated by the Rockefeller Foundation, but please correct me if that’s inaccurate), the indoctrination that has replaced education has been brilliantly accomplished – sad to say. Kick God out and evil takes over, I recall being told about a college philosophy exam from years ago. The question was “Why?. Students thought and struggled to find the answer the professor was looking for. Only one student got it right – and in only minutes. The answer: “Why not?”

    1. Great anecdote! Ask a simple-minded question, get a simple-minded answer.

      We need no Rockefeller Foundation conspiracy to account for what happened to America’s education system. It can hardly be called a conspiracy, because it happened in plain sight and the people who did it wrote about what they were doing and why they were doing it. And it goes back into the first half of the 19th century.

      “The Messianic Character of American Education,” by R.J. Rushdoony, is the best history I know of public education in America. Rushdoony lets the founders and creators of this system speak for themselves–and damn themselves out of their own mouths.

    2. Thanks, Lee. I’ll have to check that out. Hadn’t heard of it. And while it’s true that they did write about what they were doing and why, likewise, the globalists today telegraph their intentions but the sheeple sleep on, immersed in the “me”.

  2. Absolutely correct! And the horror of the mess we’re leaving for our children is terrifying. I and many pray against it, and thusfar, God has slowed the progress Praise God. Even so, come Lord Jesus. God Bless you, Lee

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