Another Weird New Suburban Custom

There are more important things than this to write about,  but I may be the only one writing about it, so here goes.

In my neighborhood there are individuals who walk their dogs not along the sidewalk, but back and forth on other people’s property without the property owners’ permission. There’s one next door who walks her dog around our apartment and onto the adjacent property. She never uses the public sidewalk.

Where did they get this idea? “I think I’ll walk my dog around my neighbor’s yard.” Is this done on some hit TV show I never heard of?

Not to be confused with that other custom of scooping the dog’s poop into the bag and leaving the bag dangling from a bush or just lying on the ground–although our neighborhood also boasts a few practitioners of that peculiar art–I’m not satisfied in my mind that these uninvited guests trouble themselves to clean up after their dogs.

But where did this notion come from? At least one very loud fight has broken out about this, hereabouts, and there are bound to be more. The dog-walker, confronted by the property owner, seemed dumbfounded that the man would question his right to do this.

We coarsen our culture, day in, day out. And there will be a price to pay for it. God’s commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself enables people to live together without being stirred up to cut one another’s throats. Replacing it with stone-headed narcissism will not turn out well for us.

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  1. They must be ‘Feeling the Bern’ pretty strong right now, what with it being election year and all. Take from the ones who have and give to those who won’t. Do stuff because it’s a free country and property rights are, like, so old fashioned. Do anything that comes into your head, because if you thought it, it must be gospel truth.

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