Attorney General Lynch is Very Aptly Named

So how do you get a consensus, nowadays? By mustering compelling arguments, and showing evidence and proof for your position?

Nah. You get consensus by jailing anyone who won’t agree with you.

According to Attorney General Loretta Lynch–you remember her: within hours of the San Bernardino shootings, she vowed to come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who said bad words about Islam–the Dept. of Justice has “discussed” prosecuting “Climate Change deniers,” just as if they’d committed a crime ( ).

Why is this fascist our attorney general?

Because our fascist president appointed her and our yellow-belly Senate Republicans confirmed her.

So, hey, everybody, enjoy your freedom of speech now, while you’ve still got it. If the ungodly parasites in Washington have their way, in the future, whenever NOAA cooks the temperature readings, whenever any academic pea-brain recommends “a feminist postcolonial approach” to the study of glacial melt, we’ll all have to nod our heads and say, “Yes, master!”

The shame of living under such rulers as these is like a burning of my skin.

2 comments on “Attorney General Lynch is Very Aptly Named

  1. A radio personality I’ve listened to on occasion has aptly nicknamed her ‘Loretta Lynch-mob’.

  2. Lee, too funny I had the same thought. Linda, upon hearing her name I shared with my husband the nickname! Thankfully I did not lose any digits when cutting veggies for dinner as we both laughed so heartily. While that horrific period in our history is long gone, that one seems the type that would not skip a beat doing people like myself who have been rather vocal about this administration. While we have free speech I believe in exercising it.

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