How Junk Food Can Make You Young, Fit, and Gorgeous

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Aha! I knew that headline would get you!

Now that you’re here, I’ll clue you in: this is an experiment. Readership is kind of slow this evening, and I’m trying to pump it up.

But you know something? That burger and fries, they look awful good…

6 comments on “How Junk Food Can Make You Young, Fit, and Gorgeous

  1. Don’t worry, Lee. It’s Saturday AND it’s hot outside. People are running errands – or, better yet, having picnics 🙂

    But that burger and fries does look rather yummy. However, I’m about to eat barbecued chicken wings and they’re mighty good too.

    1. Please, don’t use that word, “running”! It’s still over 90 out here, and there are so many people jogging, it makes me feel faint just to look at them.

  2. It’s still awfully hot here too – probably around 85. But we don’t have air conditioning so I have a fan near me and my poor tired old computer since it has a tendency to run rather hot. And I couldn’t jog or run if I had to! Walking is sometimes a feat to accomplish. But I’m with you – watching joggers in this heat would make me want to faint!

    Just finished my chicken wings – they were yummy!

  3. I do NOT eat junk food, no matter how yummy it looks. Consequently, I look old, unfit and ugly. LOL. In fact, I rarely eat out .. I prefer knowing what is in my food. I also prefer organic veggies, grass-fed, grass-finished, no-antibiotics, no-hormones beef and chicken and non-GMO everything. 85 degrees, you say? Where do you live .. at the North Pole? LOL. I live in Tennessee; it has been around 97-98 every day, and we could sure use some rain. I just moved here from Las Vegas, NV, where they have enjoyed some 120-degree days. Yikes!

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