‘The Silver Trumpet’: Halfway (Maybe)

The Temple (Bell Mountain Series #8) (English Edition) di [Duigon, Lee]

Bell Mountain No. 8, “The Temple.” No. 9, “The Throne,” is still in production.

Look at this, it’s almost Labor Day. Where does the time go?

Since April I’ve been chipping away on writing “Bell Mountain No. 10,” The Silver Trumpet. I started by describing a certain event which I did not understand, and by now I reckon I’m about halfway to the finish line.

New characters and new places that weren’t in my mind when I started have since come into the story. It’s so cool, the way that happens. I never know what to expect from these stories. As for the original event that kicked off the story, it still retains more than a little mystery: I have yet to get to the bottom of it.

Every working day I ask the Lord to give me the story that He wants me to tell, and bit by bit He gives it. How it winds up being a coherent novel is more than I can explain. But it’s worked nine times so far, and looks to me, and to my editors, that it’s still working just fine.

As Fnaa, the king’s double, would say, “What else did you expect?”

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