Why Do They Teach B.S.?

When I was a boy, people used to poke fun at the Russians for making ridiculous lies (“The Soviet Union invented baseball, comrade!”) that everybody knew were lies.

Now our own schools and colleges teach ridiculous lies that everybody knows to be lies–but they repeat them anyway, because you’ll be called a racist or a biggit if you don’t. So you’ve got people saying gender is a state of mind, microaggression depresses your immune system, Hillary Clinton is a defender of women who have suffered sexual harassment–one after another, just stupid and insultingly untrue.

Well, there’s no downside to this, for our friends on the Left. If they really can get you to believe any of this garbage, then in you they’ve got a dimwit who will never be a threat to them.

But even better: if they can get you to say you believe it, when of course you know it’s hogwash, then, voila, they have humiliated you! Chipping away at your integrity, chipping away at your courage and your self-respect, day after day, is not going to equip you to stand up and say “Enough!” But it’s great practice in knuckling under and sucking up a lot of booshwa so that they’ll leave you alone, sort of.

I realize that here I am surely giving college prefesser and teacher union types way too much credit for being able to do something on purpose. They teach twaddle because it’s become their way of life. They’ve spouted so much of it, they’ve come to believe it themselves. The real credit goes to clever sods like Lenin and Stalin and Gramsci who invented this art and honed it to perfection.

America, you’re educating yourself to death.

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  1. So true. I guess in some sense, it is good to be a rebel- rebelling against the mainstream. If our forefathers had not rebelled against England, we would still be singing “long live the king” (or queen)

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