Prayer Request: Harlem and Cindy

Please join me in prayer for my neighbors, Harlem and Cindy, two of the nicest Christian people you’d ever want to meet. Harlem is undergoing treatment for cancer, made more difficult by some other medical issues unrelated to the cancer. It’s been quite successful so far, but the last little bit of his cancer isn’t going quietly and he’s by no means out of the woods. And he can’t work, so Cindy has to work two jobs.

Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name, please bless your servants, Harlem and Cindy, and deliver them out of trouble and danger: they are yours, Lord, and they need their Father. Please, Lord, finish healing Harlem’s cancer, and let his recovery bear witness to your power, your goodness, and your love. Amen.

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  1. Amen, and we are two in agreement and as such, we believe the requests we make known to You, Father, will be heard and answered

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