Where I’ve Been Today (*Sigh*)

If any of you have wondered why I haven’t discussed any news or current events today, lemme tellya–

A tutor has been trying to teach me to perform a certain kind of computer operation, and oh, boy! Me head is poundin’, mon! Where’s that duct tape? I can’t even describe what I’m trying to learn how to do. It would be good for my employers, and good for my fellow employees, if I could learn it. But after an hour or so, I’m ready to fall over with pink foam coming out my ears.

Well, nobody can do everything. I’m blessed that I can write stuff. But when it comes to hi-tech tasks, what you see on this very page is all I’ve got to offer. And that didn’t come easy!

Tomorrow, I hope, my blogging will be back to normal, I’ll get back to work on The Silver Trumpet, and those little sutures in my skull will close up again.

Meanwhile, I’m bushed.

4 comments on “Where I’ve Been Today (*Sigh*)

  1. LOL. Stretch yourself – you can do it. Super journalism can’t be your only talent. I don’t envy you, though, being technologically challenged myself. My little grandson had to teach me how to use my camera! Keep us posted on your progress. I hope your articles don’t become too technical once you’ve mastered the beast. I’d have to read them with a manual by my side.

    1. ‘Fraid not, Marlene–I can’t do fancy hi-tech footwork. Just plain can’t, no more than I can do ballet, a proper autopsy, or high school chemistry.

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