Shazam! I’m Losing Weight

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For the first time in 40-plus years, I weigh under 200 pounds.

I’m not posting this because I think I’m interesting. But I do know that weight is a concern for lots and lots of us, so my message is that if I can do it, many can.

The great secret here is to eat less and exercise more. One donut with breakfast instead of two or three: that’s a lot of donuts that don’t get eaten, over the span of a year. Smaller portions. And almost every day, except when weather simply won’t allow it, I either ride my bike or walk up a hill.

Gee, why didn’t I do this before?

Well, I never had a blood pressure scare before, did I? Plus a wee cholesterol scare: I want to avoid taking medications for that, so I am highly motivated to make small but lasting changes in my life.

I don’t do diets. Fooey on that. I know that if I “go on a diet,” I will very quickly come to hate it and give it up.

But the missing pounds–hey, that’s starting to feel pretty good. And I’ve still got my donuts and my ice cream.


5 comments on “Shazam! I’m Losing Weight

  1. That’s quite a coincidence, because I have recently had some success with weight loss, but found the transition from crash-diet weight loss mode to sensible eating habits which can be sustained to be difficult.
    Then I came to an amazing and revolutionary conclusion; people gain weight because they eat too much.

    The question then becomes, why do people eat too much? (My blog is entitled Right-Question, BTW.) I found the answer, and it was right before my eyes. All I had to do was look at areas in which I find moderation easy, such as alcohol, and apply the same techniques to controlling appetite. I’ll be posting this to my blog, hopefully as early as the upcoming week.

  2. I recently learned that our brains are made up of mostly cholesterol and that the older we get the more we need it. Hmmm, I’m wondering if all those cholesterol lowering statins might just be one of the reasons we are seeing more and more brain problems in seniors. This is one old gal that won’t be taking cholesterol lowing meds. I’m keeping my higher cholesterol numbers and my brain matter, thank you very much! P.S. Congrats on the weight loss and keep up the good work.

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