More Collidge Idiocy

A professor at City College of New York in Brooklyn fell afoul of university authorities when he wrote, on his syllabus, that “effort” and “deportment” and “classroom participation” would be worth 10% of a student’s grade.

He also wrote that all “constitutionally-protected speech” would be tolerated in his classroom, even if it expressed an unpopular point of view.

Well, the jidrools running the college couldn’t have that! They ordered the prof to delete that “effort” business from his syllabus, because–you’re gonna find this hard to believe–it “could be construed as a prelude to sexual harassment” ( ).

*Sigh* Is there anything, in the mind of a college official, that cannot be “construed” as sexual harassment, racism, or whatever?

They also ordered him to delete that stuff about tolerating unpopular opinions. Who ever heard of unpopular opinions being tolerated at a college? Why, the very idea!

Finally, an “investigation” of the tenured professor–he had tenure, so they couldn’t just fire him on the spot–was launched by the school’s Director of Diversity Investigations. What the hell is that? How do you get a job as a director of diversity investigations?

Well, it sounds like the position is funded by… by you and me! Yup, federal money, collected as taxes from defenseless citizens, pays this chimp’s salary.

If your school has a director of diversity investigations, your school has too much money. We already know the federal government has too much money.

And now for the punchline.

When the prof insisted on a written record of the proceedings, the “investigation” was suddenly dropped. Poof! Gone!

Honest people do not behave this way. Honest people have nothing to fear from a written record of their official actions.

Folks, before you decide to spend a fortune to send your daughter or your son off to one of these institutions of higher learning, please think it over. Do you really, truly, want him or her to receive a brain massage from these wicked numbskulls?

They call it “higher education”; but what it really is, is higher stupefaction.

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  1. Reminds me of how the DOJ won’t hand over documents to the Nunes committee so we can see what they are really up to (the IG Report on Hillary’s server was a beginning). Today we were watching a documentary on New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and how the illicit drug trade started back up. It seems FEMA just gave people lots of money to start over, so the drug users began their own drug dealer businesses with federal money – how quaint.

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