Mum’s the Word at Cal State Fullerton

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If you have no words for your thoughts, it’s very likely that you have no thoughts, either. How would you think, without words? You could never be any brighter than a dog or a cat, and you’d be without the advantage of actually being good at being a dog or a cat.

California State University at Fullerton–out-of-state tuition, $17,492 a year, not counting food and housing, books, fees, etc.–in its quest to ban words that are not “inclusive,” whatever the devil that means, has added a few more items to its list of forbidden words, including “secretary” and any word with m-a-n” in it ( ).

CSU Fullerton’s “Inclusive Language Pogrom” invites students to let the University know what additional words or phrases “you want people to eliminate.” I wonder what they’d say to anyone who asked ’em to ban “Black Lives Matter.”

Could we please apply a little reason here? Oops–all the academics just ran out of the room.

Seriously, folks: for a word to have a meaning, it has to exclude all the other meanings. Otherwise it has no value as a word and is useless for communication. If I say “I need to take my cat to see the vet,” it does not mean my cat is going to an astrologer, a guitar tutor, or a lawyer. “Vet” or “veterinarian” has to exclude all other meanings.

But for $17,492 a year, just for tuition, you can send your son or daughter to Fullerton to learn pure idiocy. I mean, the whole concept we have come to call “Inclusiveness” is itself without any practical meaning, deadens the mind which tries to accommodate it, and makes a fool of anyone who gets too comfy with it.

You will notice I just used a lot of words that have specific meanings, arrived at by excluding other meanings.

If you have no words, you can have no thoughts.

I think that may be precisely what they’re driving at. If you take my meaning. Maybe what I’ve just said comes across to you as “I have to take my cat to see the vet.”

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  1. I’ve done a 180 and now realize that PC and inclusive is the way to go. I’m going to Chili’s for lunch and I will order everything on the menu; for that is the inclusive way. Of course I will have to go to Applebee’s too, and order one of everything on the menu . . . but that excludes all the other numbers so I will order a random quantity of everything on the menu. If I drive past any other restaurants along the way I will need to include them as well, which means I’ll have a very large lunch today.

    Before I became enlightened I believed that “God is not a God of confusion” but such thinking could only promote true order and true accomplishment which, as we all know is very exclusionary. Now I need to go; it’s time for the cat’s guitar lesson. 🙂

    1. No kidding. I’m at the store of a major tech company as I write. The people working here are double talking zombies. They’ve already been educated into this mindset.

  2. I know what you mean. I was in a store a few months ago, and encountered a group of three young men with the one in the center waving his arms, almost yelling things such as “my life is just chaos, everything is screwed up, I don’t know which way to turn…” on and on, with his two friends trying vainly to quiet him Satan is loving it, as he steals (minds), kills sanity and peace and destroys all structure.

    1. Years ago, I was taught that Satan doesn’t care if you worship him; he only wants to prevent you from worshipping the True God. Economic turmoil, endless conflicting philosophies, misplaced compassion (treating criminals better than their victims) and all of the other claptrap of our day does an excellent job of keeping people distracted, and that’s all it takes.

      When I see young people, millennials, I feel pity. They know nothing but a plastic, phony world. They have no hope and many are, at best, ambivalent about owing a home, having a family, etc. They don’t desire stability because the Satanic influence all around us has told them that this is bad, or selfish, or exclusionary. The spell will break, eventually, but until then we have a generation of snowflakes that will melt if you give them a harsh look.

  3. But ‘man-made’ global warming is okay? And Jesus is the Son of…

    “I used to be an ‘administrative assistant’ but they cut my hours to pay for obamacare, so now i’m just a ‘secretary'”!

    I never felt so intelligent as I do these days. Of course, I never took the flu vaccine or argued with a fool.

  4. Here in South Africa it seems science too have become anti-inclusive, it being the invention of “dead white men”. The group of university “students” leading the #sciencemustfall campaign seems to think science works differently in Africa than in the West and needs to be scratched completely and started all over, locally (I don’t know if science works differently in the East too – maybe I am too trapped in Western science). Even some “Professors” seem to think science and maths can be “decolonised”. Sometimes I really don’t have words…

    1. You’re excused! Words must naturally fail us, when confronted with such vast, towering mountains of pure blather.

      Here in stupid America we also have a movement to “de-colonialize” stuff like physics and geology. There is nothing so stupid that it will fail to captivate the academic world.

  5. Sending one’s children to almost ANY university or college is child abuse. Worse, ordinary primary schools are getting as bad if not worse and the children are too young to be able to fight back. Homeschooling is the only way to go in the earlier grades and a very careful choice of higher educational options is essential. You might as well feed your child poison as send him or her to school!

  6. I attended CSUF for three years while I worked jobs to pay for it. It is where I met the Lord Jesus in a real way that changed by life as I became a new creation in Christ. It had a conservative college culture when I went there (in the early 1970’s). It has grown into a giant university where PC rules.

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