Video Treat: The Amazing Colossal Cat

Go on, admit it–for just the tiniest of moments, you thought this was a giant cat stalking a train across a sunlit landscape.

Joe Collidge is still wondering where the giant curtains in the picture came from.

5 comments on “Video Treat: The Amazing Colossal Cat

  1. He looks exactly like a cat I once had. Beautiful creature. The layout reminds me of some that my late husband built. Fun for guys and kids. Cats, too.

  2. What a world these felines live in. They are effective predators, yet they live amongst humans and have to deal with all of our devices, which are foreign to their world.

    1. You have to wonder how cats and dogs make sense of us humans and our things. They’re amazingly adaptable, dealing with all these totally alien concepts. If we had to do it, we’d go nuts.

    2. They seem to be very tolerant of our “stuff”.

      I saw a documentary about animals and humans, which showed that domestic animals were attentive to humans in ways that wild animals were not. A dog would track a human’s eye movement, where a wolf would not. Our so called “nearest relatives”, chimps, had very little interest in humans as compared to dogs. It’s almost like some intelligent force caused dogs to be suited to living with humans, but Joe Collidge has proven that is impossible. 🙂

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