The Bear Essentials

Well, gee, they didn’t make a mess and they left before it got crowded… So why not bears in your swimming pool? But what really impresses me is the total futility of the chain-link fence around the pool, and how easily the bears get over it.

By Request, ‘Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones’

Oh! I know that hymn, with a different set of lyrics. It’s on the tip of my tongue and I can’t quite get it out. Does anybody know the hymn (or hymns) I’m trying to think of?

Anyway, we have it here, requested by Elder Mike–Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones, from St. Ninnian’s Cathedral in Perth, Scotland.

Historical Note: St. Ninnian goes back to a time before there was a Scotland or an England.

Dog Trains for Air Defense

The French didn’t have an air force in 1799; but if they’d had, it would’ve been balloons because that’s all that was flying at the time. And if Napoleon had sent his all-balloon air force to attack America… well, here’s a dog who would’ve been ready for him!

Hymn on a Harp: ‘All Through the Night’

This was the first thing I posted today, but the computer and WordPress decided it’d be fun if they made me do all the work and then made the post disappear without a trace. So I’m trying again.

All Through the Night, old Welsh melody, performed by Siobhan Owen at St. German’s Church in Cardiff, Wales.

If I can get things to work around here, I want to post something about the life of St. Germanus–it’s quite inspiring. I might have to bump some nooze to fit it in, but I doubt anyone will complain about that.

Killer-Diller Kittens!

Holy moly! This is not a nursery–this is a gladiator school! See the kittens practicing their lethal moves. There’s a victim in there somewhere, but we only see his or her leg. “Where’s the rest of me?” Dude, you’re in there with all those kittens and you have to ask that?

‘Joy to the World’ (In March… Why Not?)

A Christmas hymn, in March? Well, why not?

Isaac Watts wrote Joy to the World in 1719, and as you can see, it’s still going strong. Here we have a modern rendition of it by Pentatonics. Again, why not?

I’m saving Easter hymns for a little later.

‘Christ Triumphant, Ever Reigning’

The music for this hymns, Christ Triumphant, Ever Reigning, was composed in 1948; so it’s only a year older than me. I wish I could tell you who was singing it, but YouTube didn’t provide that information. We’ve got the lyrics, so you can sing it, too.

Emergency Cat & Dog Video

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Usually I wait till evening to post a critter video. Today, at the rate I’m going, this blog won’t make it to the evening.

But ain’t domestication grand? Sometimes it seems they forget all that cats and dogs business and just melt into one happy family.

But I speak as someone who used to have a cat, a dog, and an iguana cuddled up together on his bed.

More Pig Zoomies

Sometimes you’ve got to make your own fun. Animals know this: it’s why they invented zoomies.

This piglet has a black belt in zoomies. If he’s still into it as a 500-lb. hog, he’s going to need a bigger playground.

‘I Sing the Mighty Power of God’

No hymn requests today so far, so here’s one I’ve picked: I Sing the Mighty Power of God, written by Isaac Watts in 1715 and still going strung, sung here by the Mountain Anthems. Background sets by God the Father.