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‘When This Passing World Is Done’

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous harmony of The Smucker Family’s a capella singing, nor the glorious background scenery by the hand of God the Father. Let’s start our day with When This Passing World is Done–and pray that it isn’t quite done yet.

The Further Adventures of Jimmy the Turkey

We thought we might’ve caught Jimmy the Turkey on an off-day yesterday, maybe he got up on the wrong side of the… whatever turkeys sleep in. He couldn’t be that crabby all the time.

Uh… wrong. He can.

My wife knew a farmer whose tom turkey habitually attacked the mailman. That was back when mail carriers used to go around with those great big sacks of mail. Something about the poor guy always got the turkey’s dander up.

I so see this as a Freddy book!

Today’s Garbage Will Be Tomorrow’s Classic, (He Babbled Idiotically)

Susan saw an ad for this brand-new Dreamworks movie, Trolls World Tour, and just had to tell me about it. So I watched this trailer. Zacherly always said the trailers weren’t as painful as the movies.

This appears to be a ham-fisted preachy story of Diversity as an end in itself, “different is better,” and somehow they left out a Drag Queen Story Hour. The trolls have six different kinds of music for six different kinds of trolls–that doesn’t really sound all that diverse, does it?–and the bad-guy Rock Troll says “I’m gonna destroy all music except for rock” so the good-guy Trolls have to stop this from happening and I think I’m going to be sick.

And it’s all this cheesy animated stuff, no live actors on the screen, celebrity voice-overs, and I’m sure it makes kids dumber when they see it. Most of the stuff in our pop culture makes you dumber.

Why do we keep making movies like this? Can’t you just read your children Freddy Goes to Florida? Or just, like, tell them a story that you make up as you go along? Do they really have to watch these phony movies?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! You just turn on the movie and your kids are out of your hair for an hour!

My mother could have let television raise her children. I’m mighty glad she didn’t.

‘Like a River Glorious’

There is a river, the streams whereof make glad the city of God… (Psalm 46:4)

Reminded! God’s will shall indeed be done. All-righteous, all-wise, all-loving, almighty! Let his word flow like a great a nourishing river through out lives.

This morning’s hymn: Like a River Glorious, sung by the Smucker Family. Background sets by God the Father.

The Adventures of Jimmy the Turkey

No, we’re not talking about another Democrat presidential candidate. Jimmy is a real turkey who shares a barnyard with a tribe of chickens; and I think there might be ducks or geese in the background who are camera-shy. This is starting to sound like a Freddy the Pig book…

Anyway, watch Jimmy take charge when a strawberry enters their lives.

By Request, ‘O Sacred Head Surrounded’

Current events aside, this week features Good Friday and that’s important.

Requested by Phoebe: O Sacred Head Surrounded, sung by the choir at St. Michael’s Church in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Lyrics from the Middle Ages (author not known for certain), music by Hans Leo Hassler, harmonized by J.S. Bach.

Our seventh grade class sang this in our spring concert.

By Request, ‘Joy to the World’ (in April!)

This was a mighty good idea that Joshua had–to post Joy to the World… because we need it now, we need reminding that the Lord our Savior has come, has been here, has purchased our salvation– We celebrate His birth at Christmas, but Jesus Christ is Lord over all the days of the year, our shepherd and our king forever.

Sung by Fernando Ortega.

‘Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord’

I’d never heard this old-fashioned gospel song until today–Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord, sung by a young Burl Ives–whose voice stayed young throughout his long career. One of the Youtube commenters said he loved this song when he was a very young child… although he thought “Grace” was Noah’s wife.

Confuse a Cat

I can see why a mirror might be confusing to a cat. It can stump a chameleon, a dog, or a hamster, too. But half a lemon? Why should that be cause for great caution? What does a cat think about a piece of lemon?

I love it when kittens first learn how to arch their backs, puff their tails, and hop around sideways–heap big threat display! Pretend to be scared when they do it.

Memory Lane: ‘Syncopated Clock’

Do you remember Leroy Anderson? He was one of the most popular composers in America, in his time; and one of his best-known pieces was Syncopated Clock. It was chosen as the theme music for “The Late Show,” in the 1950s. Of course I never saw The Late Show, it was way past my bedtime. But Syncopated Clock was also the theme for “The Early Show.”

I offer it as a stress buster. Oh, those old movies on black-and-white TV!

Anderson was also famous for his Sleigh Ride, featuring a simulated horse (was it laughing or just neighing? I could never decide), The Phantom Regiment, and other numbers that became embedded in our pop culture. I still love to whistle a few of them.

If you’re old enough to remember these, I’m sure you still enjoy them–when you get a chance to hear them. If you’re young–well, there’s some wonderful great music waiting for you.

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