‘I Saw Three Ships’

No Christmas carol requests yet–and our computers have risen against us, full-scale mutiny, you wouldn’t believe the trouble I had, posting this: I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing, by Blackmore’s Night. You can’t really sail a ship to Nazareth, but the sentiment is what counts.

Sock Puppies!

I never saw Pomeranian puppies till now. Gee, they look like animated pom-poms! But as you can see, they are totally fierce and if they ever did to you what they do to this sock… you’d wind up two feet taller.

By Request, ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’

Another entry in our annual Christmas Carol Contest, this one from Ina: In the Bleak Midwinter, sung by the Gloucester Cathedral Choir.

Is it beginning to feel like Christmas for you?

By Request, ‘Adeste Fideles’

Let’s get the Christmas carols started today with this: requested by Phoebe, Adeste Fideles, sung by Luciano Pavarotti–at Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal, no less. Plus orchestra and choir.

I pray we can pour our hearts into this year’s Christmas.

If a Shepherd Has No Sheep…

A border collie is supposed to herd sheep: they were bred for that. But here’s a border collie herding ducklings–and doing a good job of it, too. I wonder: was she auditioning for a job with sheep?

John Kerry’s Own ‘Emissions’

Best known for spouting tommyrot out his mouth, John “Lurch” Kerry brought his other end into play recently, cutting a hefty slab of cheese while pontificating on a panel of globalist yang-yangs.

(“Fart-like noise” is putting it disingenuously.)

So there he is, demanding some kind of global government that’d be “taking away those things that are killing people day by day”–like air conditioning, affordable cars, refrigerators, etc.

And then… Pop goes the weasel.

Can you believe that this morlock was almost president once? He’s got a private jet, a limo, a yacht, and mansion–and he wants to take away your gas stove! God defend us, who do these people think they are?

If he had everything his way, there’d be no more middle class. Just multitudes of downtrodden peasants, with a teeny-tiny Far Left ruling class up on top of the pyramid running the concentration camps.

By Request, ‘O Holy Night’

Another entry in our carol contest: O Holy Night, sung by John Berry; requested by Ohiochessfan.

I’m acting on the principle that you can never have too many Christmas hymns; so if you’ve got one you’d like to share, just say so.

By Request, ‘We Three Kings’

Let’s enjoy these Christmas carols! That’s why we have a carol contest. Let’s put our hearts into Christmas.

Requested by Eldermike: Hugh Jackman and friends sing We Three Kings. It’s my favorite among many nice renditions of this hymn.

Why Isn’t This Parakeet Scared?

Does this bird have a death wish–or does he know, somehow, that the cat won’t hurt him? Try this outdoors and it’s bye-bye birdie. But in the human home… animals learn to be more than they thought they could be.

By Request, ‘Christmas Is Always’

And here’s the next one–Christmas Is Always, by Carroll and Donna Roberson, requested by Erlene.

The leading carol from Day One is still in front, although it was almost overtaken yesterday by The Holly and the Ivy.