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Rerun: A Magic Trick That Almost Worked

Summer’s here, and reruns are sort of a summer tradition–and you just can’t beat this little video for laughs.

These two German boys almost pull it off–great trick! Except the follow-up is, shall we say, disastrous. Ooh, ooh! Imagine what their mother’s gonna say when she sees what’s happened to her dining room…

Gee, it worked fine for Lou Costello (in Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein).

[Oops! I just discovered that I ran this video a few months ago. Sorry about that. But if you missed it then, you can enjoy it now.]

Mr. Nature: Do Starfish Think?

Hi, Mr. Nature here! As you can see from this video, starfish can do things, albeit slowly. And that’s pretty remarkable, because a starfish doesn’t have a brain.

It’s a fact: no brain. It has a complicated nervous system; it can move, reproduce, respond to changes in the water, and hunt its prey; but it has no brain. (Note me laying off the wisecracks!)

So the question I have is this: can a starfish learn? And of course, to learn anything, you have to have some kind of memory. So we want to know if a starfish can remember anything.

I have been looking for answers to this question for years without ever having found one. You would think some marine biologist would be curious enough to do an experiment. If it were discovered that starfish can learn, and that without a brain, it would open up fascinating vistas of investigation.

If God did create the starfish with an ability to learn without a brain–wow!

‘10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)’

This one’s for Susan–and yes, you can request hymns for two days in a row, the hymn shop’s always open.

Ten Thousand Reasons, by David Wesley–beautiful, isn’t it?

Memory Lane: ‘Phantom Agents’

Remember Phantom Agents? A Japanese-made piece of vintage 1960s awfulness, actually kind of fun to watch because it was just so unexpectedly bad.

The thing that got me every time was the agents’ phenomenal ability to jump backwards and land safely on the branch of a tree 20 feet off the ground. How did they do that? But they also knew how to jump backwards out of the water and land on the deck of a ship 20 feet out of the water. Now ain’t that somethin’!

I wonder how many numbskulls watched this show and went into martial arts studios to ask how to jump backwards into trees.

Klepto Kitties

Could it be that cats have been around humans for a bit too long? Okay, stealing food–sure. But pizza? French fries? Bread, cake, cookies… These are not cat things to eat, are they?

My cat Henry used to try to steal the little baserunners off my Strat-O-Matic baseball game board whenever he thought I wasn’t looking. And those weren’t even edible!

Sanity Break: Bad Jokes Contest

What do you get when you put a bunch of pastors into a bad jokes contest? Well, you get a lot of bad jokes.

Sometimes visiting Aunt Joan at the nursing home gets me down. Somehow these horrible jokes have helped me get back up. Imagining old Rev. Ver Straat even trying to tell one of these jokes has helped restore my spirit.

God gave us laughter for a reason; and that’s the reason.

By Request: ‘Whom Shall I Fear?’

Susan asked for this one: Whom Shall I Fear (The God of Angel Armies)?, sung by Chris Tomlin.

And today we start Robbie on her medicine, so please spare a little prayer for us.

Robbie’s Medicine (plus Naughty Cats Video)

Robbie’s medicine arrived today. It’s an ear gel, for knocking out her overactive thyroid. It shouldn’t be too bad an experience for her–a lot better than getting asthma medicine squirted up her nose every day for years. The instructions did come with an admonition to the applier (me) to wear latex gloves. It’s nice they mentioned it. If I were to do it bare-handed, it might knock out my own thyroid. That’s all I need. She’ll get her first dose tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice video of some rather naughty cats, indicative of high intelligence and low morals.

Oh, and I’ve got my email back. Not in the format I’m used to, but at least it’s back.


A Big, Big Bug

While I hunt around for a suitable cat video for you, met the weta. Imagine a great big cricket as big as a hamster, with pinch-beetle jaws, and you’ve got the weta from New Zealand. Hot dog!

‘Blessed Assurance’

Fanny Crosby wrote this hymn in 1873–Blessed Assurance. Music by the Harpeth Gospel Quartet. Background sets by God’s creating hand.

P.S.–I’m early today because… We’ve got to get this email fixed so I can do my editorial work, and I don’t know how many hours it’s going to cost me today. But first the hymn!

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