Cat Finds New Use for Curtains

Depending on your ability to read the feline mind, this curtain is being used as a) a straitjacket b) a sniper’s nest c) a cocoon, or d) a bowling alley designed by Joe Biden.

I hope the owner has some spare curtains.

‘Blessed Assurance’

A classic Fanny Crosby hymn, sung by Alan Jackson–not a bad start to the day.

Truly miserable weather this morning. Pray harder. Sing louder.

Puppies and Stairs

Living indoors with humans requires a lot of flexibility. Puppies have to learn how to use stairs. As you can see, it isn’t easy. And it helps if Baby Dog has a big dog for a teacher.


‘Away With Our Sorrow and Care’

Here’s one I’d never heard before, a Charles Wesley classic–Away with Our Sorrow and Care, performed the old-fashioned way by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

We’re still sick here, still in need of prayers. I still can’t focus long enough to write a Newswithviews piece.

Rabbit to the Rescue

Somehow this kitten got stuck in the bunny’s cage; and the bunny takes up the challenge of getting him out. But how? It’s a tricky proposition when you don’t have hands.

Yes, it takes the bunny four minutes to get the kitten out of the cage. We need not hold our breath waiting for the cat to show its gratitude.

‘How Firm a Foundation’

Still sitting here groggy, still sick…

How about an old-fashioned hymn, done the old-fashioned way? How Firm a Foundation, by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band–yes, that’s the ticket.

Free Spirits! (Squirrels)

One of the joys of life in eastern North America is… squirrels.

We love to watch them wrestling with twigs, tackling their own tails, jumping up and down, spinning around–and why do they do it?

Because they’re squirrels and it suits them just fine!

‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’

The first time I tried to post this, I got a spirited rendition of Turkey in the Straw. It’s been that kind of day.

Ah, there it is–Onward, Christian Soldiers, performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy. Without a turkey.

Fierce Bad Kittens

It is said of President Millard Filmore that he, when he wasn’t trying to invent the game of Clue a hundred years before its time, was terrified of kittens and would walk (or pogo-stick) miles out of his way to avoid them.

It must have been kittens like these that he had in mind. You can hardly blame him, can you?

An Important Message from Birb the Bird

It was only a matter of time before someone dared to go public with this information. That we had to wait for a cockatiel to do it only underscores the gravity of the situation.

But at least he’s eloquent! Nothing could be clearer than his exposition of the problem. Now it remains for us to decide what to do about it…