By Request, ‘What a Friend’

We have this requested by SlimJim, what a Friend by Matt Maher…

I wonder what people from 200 years ago, would think if they saw thousands of cars whizzing up and down the freeway at speeds that never could have been imagined, back then.

Beware the Kitten!

If King Kong was a kitten, he’d be this one. He’s got all the moves, forward, backward, and sideways. One feels a compulsion to hide in the cedar chest… although that could turn out badly. Hey, we’ll understand if you can’t watch the whole thing!

‘Personent Hodie’ (‘On This Day Earth Shall Ring’)

Yes, all right, it’s a Christmas hymn–tell me there’s a bad time for that.

First sung in 1582, Personent Hodie–sung here by the choir and congregation at First Presbyterian Church in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Idle Paws… (A Hound With Not Much to Do)

I guess no one’s escaped from the local chain gang lately, because here’s a bloodhound with nothing to do. In an attempt to occupy himself constructively, he unrolls toilet paper and tries to operate appliances.

But never mind him–what gives with the guy who’s filming all this naughtiness?

Bonus Hymn By Request, ‘Through It All’

Here’s one suggested by Erlene–Through It All, by Jentezen Franklin, singing and playing the saxophone (but not at the same time!). My computer conked out halfway through putting up this post, but I plugged it in and no harm seems to have been done.

by Request, ‘Give Me Your Eyes’

What if we could see each other as Jesus sees us? That’s what this hymn is about.

Requested by SlimJim–Give Me Your Eyes, by Brandon Heath.

‘Synchronized Cats’

Here are two cats who do everything together. We never had that with our cats. Ours just fight a lot.

I wonder if these two practice.

By Request, ‘Leaning on the Everlasting Arms’

I love this hymn and I’m always glad when someone requests it. Today it’s been requested by Erlene–Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, sung by Alan Jackson.

Out here in Joisey, its grey and drizzly; but the hymn shop is open for business.

A Cat’s Fishy Friends

There’s something sweet and peaceful about this video: just a cat interacting with a pondful of huge gorgeous koi (giant goldfish, to most of us).

Our turtle lived in hope that our cat, Henry, would someday feed him; but all Henry wanted to do was sit by the turtle tank and watch him swim around. The turtle was always fed by hand, so his expectation wasn’t unreasonable.

I always fed my goldfish by hand, too.

By Request, ‘I’ll Live in Glory’

Erlene thought we’d like this one, and she thought right–I’ll Live in Glory, sung a capella by Michael Eldridge… in four-part harmony with himself! Yes, we can use hi-tech tricks to praise and glorify God.