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Cat Snubs Raccoon

Many humans have noticed that cats are masters of the art of ignoring you. Like they can’t see or hear you. Like you’re not there. But they don’t do this only to humans. Watch this raccoon try every trick she knows to get the cat to play with her.

I had always heard that raccoons were temperamental wild animals, not safe to mess around with; but I’m seeing more and more videos of raccoons living in people’s homes as pets. I’ll have to consult Mr. Nature.

Is This a Pedophilia Movie?

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

Show Dogs is a PG-rated “family comedy” which has a lot of people calling it a kind of promo for pedophilia. It’s one of those movies starring nobody I ever heard of, or particularly want to hear of, with the voice of rap star “Ludicris” plugged into a Rottweiler. The Rottweiler is an undercover K-9 cop, and he and his human handler have to infiltrate a dog show so they can bust an animal smuggling ring. All the dogs and other critters are given human voice-overs. If you care for that sort of thing.

The trouble is with a scene in which the Rottweiler must submit to the dog show judges fondling his genitals: we are told this is standard practice in dog shows. Max the Rottweiler doesn’t enjoy this. His human handler tells him to relax and enjoy it. Some viewers see in this a kind of commercial for pedophilia, pitched at children in the audience.

I posted the trailer because it shows another attempt by movie-makers to get a laugh: a scene of Max farting in his bath. Bubble, bubble. To me this suggests that the film relies on the sort of  bathroom humor that we all hope our children will grow out of. Let me be charitable, and put the fondling scene down to heartfelt stupidity rather than to any sinister intent. It seems to be what makes this movie tick, if you call this ticking.

If they’re not trying “to groom children” for pedophiles, they are certainly trying (and succeeding) to celebrate real brainlessness.

Walk a mile out of your way to avoid this one.

‘Lead Me O Thou Great Redeemer’ (Wow!)

I can’t talk just now! Not without my voice breaking. But it’s okay–it’s just that this hymn set my soul to soaring. Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer: with the chapel packed to the rafters, organ, choir, and congregation cutting loose with all they’ve got–you can’t ask for more than this. If I’d been there in person, I’d’ve cried my eyes out: tears of joy.

A Bunny Shower

I don’t know what the bunny was doing in the bathtub in the first place, and I don’t think he did, either. By a happy accident, he discovered the pleasure of taking a shower–demonstrating an ability to adapt almost instantly to an unexpected situation. It takes a lot of intelligence to do that. History’s full of generals who couldn’t do it.

Mandatory Transgender Dating???

I almost didn’t have the stomach to post this.

Tucker Carlson discovered this video tweet from a “transgender” wacko who denounces normal men for being “exclusionary of transgender dating partners” and suggesting that society–that is, the government–might want to change that. It leaves Carlson wondering about whether our future might hold “mandatory transgender dating.”

I hear some of you going “Yeah, right, haw-haw-haw!” and making rude noises. Once upon a time that was how we reacted if anyone brought up the possibility of legal marriage between individuals of the same sex. Now you might get punished for not going along with that. Given the perilous condition of our culture’s health, you can’t rule out anything.

The absurd meets the abominable, and together they’re a tag team.

‘Behold the Mountain of the Lord’ (Again)

Pardon me for resorting again to this hymn, Behold the Mountain of the Lord, sung by Godfrey Birtill. It reminds me that there has to be–and will be–something better than this present evil age: the Mountain of the Lord shall surely rise; for the Lord hath spoken it.

Klepto Kitties

I go to post this cat video, and Pope Francis comes up instead. By all means, let’s have computers in charge of our missile defense system.

I’m happy to say our two cats never try to steal human food. They just keep asking for it till they get it–provided it’s suitable for feline consumption. So we can’t make a video like this, and it seems some folks out there are fostering delinquency among their cats. Nor would I care to eat or drink something that a cat has been pawing. I mean, they walk around on the floor and all…

Even so, watch their faces and see the wheels turning.

Memory Lane: Colorforms

Image result for images of colorforms

Before I venture into the murky waters of the news today, let’s look back on something a bit more pleasant.

Colorforms got started in 1951 and has sold over a billion sets since then.

Do you remember the original Colorforms from the 1950s? I woke in the middle of the night last night, from a dream of falling down the stairs, and for some reason “Colorforms” popped into my head.

What you got was a lot of pieces of thin, soft plastic in assorted shapes, sizes, and bright colors, and a black background that they’d stick to: and you’d arrange them to create pictures. I don’t know if you can still get this old basic Colorforms set, that relies so much on the user’s imagination. Colorforms stays in business by dint of tie-ins with hit TV shows, movies, and other aspects of the wider culture: so you can buy vintage Colorforms sets tied in with old TV shows like Welcome Back, Kotter or The Dukes of Hazzard. I think I prefer the little squares and circles.

Colorforms also tried to get into the paper dolls business, but the problem there was you had to take the designs they gave you. It seems there’s a good reason for paper dolls to be made of paper.

As I rode my bike today, I passed two people, standing five feet apart, texting each other.

Yeah, it’s little squares and circles for me.

‘To God Be the Glory’ (Fountainview Academy)

To God Be the Glory is a hymn you can whistle while you walk, or be drawn into when it’s performed by an orchestra. Here are the kids at Fountainview Academy: backdrop provided by The Creator.

Inscrutable Cats

As I run back and forth between computers to try to get this simple job done, of posting a video, because first there are problems on this machine, and then on that one, I can’t help wishing I could just take a nap instead. Problems caused by updates. Huzzah.

Anyway, here are some cats, some of them going out of their way to pick on dogs, but all of them with one thing in common: you can practically see the wheels turning, inside their heads. And yet you never know what a cat is going to do. This we humans have in common with dogs.

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