Bed War, Cat vs. Dog

“Gee, I wonder what this German shepherd’ll do if I walk on his face while he’s trying to relax. Let’s just see!”

If you can understand and explain what’s going on between these two, the line of Nobel Prize nominations starts over there…

By Request, ‘Just As I Am’

I can never hear this hymn without thinking of my Aunt Millie, whom the pastor of her church used to call “our little ewe lamb.” I do miss her!

Requested by Thewhiterabbit, Just As I Am, sung by the Antrim Mennonite Choir.

Dog Disapproves of Junk Mail

Is this little dog quite all there? Really: why so much passion? It’s only mail.

Can it be that the dog objects (strenuously!) to the content of the mail? We got a flyer for a “Marital Arts” school once. Maybe that’s the kind of thing he doesn’t like.

By Request, ‘In His Time’

All those butterflies and flowers! God’s hand formed them all… and then pronounced it good.

Requested by Erlene–In His Time, performed by Maranatha! It makes me want to go outside and drink in the beauty of the Lord’s creation.

Kittens Searching for Lost Cities

Well, okay, they didn’t find any! Is that my fault? How many lost cities have you found lately?

Ah, it’s been a long time since we had kittens romping around our living room. When Robbie and Peep discovered they could fluff out their tails and run sideways, they couldn’t get enough of it. They grow out of it, though, so enjoy it while you’ve got it.

‘Up From the Grave He Arose’

Nothing much doing here today, no hymn requests as yet, and I’m tired… so let’s try this: Up From the Grave He Arose, by the Voice of Eden. Yes, I know it’s an Easter hymn. Let every day be Easter, in its. Because He lives.

(When things look bleak and hope is on the ropes… sing louder!)

Sweet! Bulldogs & Babies

I never saw a real bulldog until I was grown up. I just saw the bulldogs in cartoons, where they always appeared to be ferocious and at least as dangerous as starving alligators. Turns out cartoons aren’t such a good intro to reality.

Oh… what you just heard offstage was my mother plotzing over the baby and the bulldog taking turns chewing on the rubber ball. There are things, Igor, which no human being ought to see…


By Request: ‘Lord, Take All That I Have’

We have a hymn request from Erlene to start the day–Lord, Take All That I Have, by Carroll Roberson. The computer’s being awkward and rebellious this morning, but I think I’ve finally got the post ready for viewing.

Dogs & Kittens (Who’d Have Thought It?)

You’d think kittens would be afraid of great big dogs–but not in this video, they aren’t. Although one of the dogs seems to be afraid of kittens. For shame!

It’s nice to get glimpses into God’s Peaceable Kingdom.

By Request, ‘We Will Serve Him’

Let’s start the day with a hymn requested by SlimJim–We Will Serve Him, sung by Revelation in Chorus.

Okay, the hymn shop’s open. If you have a favorite hymn you’d like to share, just let us know–in a comment anywhere.