How Many Cats Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Image result for image of cat changing light bulb

As you can see by this picture which Mike sent us, the answer to the question is, “One.”

But I do not know how many cats it takes to clean up the light bulb after the one cats drops it on the floor.

As Samuel Johnson said about the dog walking on its hind legs, “It’s not that he can do it well, but that he can do it at all!”

3 comments on “How Many Cats Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

  1. My cat seems to think that anything I do should involve her, and she can be very insistent with regard to the matter. I don’t recall her ever changing lightbulbs with me, but that’s about it. She also demands a sample of all interesting food items and has a special love for Italian sausage.

  2. Yep, cats are funny that way. Mine always demanded the last bit of my sandwich, or whatever I had. If he didn’t get it, he did a lot of “talking”.

  3. LOL – this is precious! The cat’s smarter than a liberal who can’t even think without others helping her.

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