Sanity Break: Nice Cats

Cats must be tremendously intelligent, to be able to go so far beyond the bounds of what science wallahs say cats are “programed” to do. I mean, cats are supposed to eat birds, right? Not cuddle them. Not share their cat food with them.

I feel for those folks who keep asking their cat, “What do you want?” As if the cat could tell them. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help saying things like “Excuse me, kitty” or “How about that!” to my cats. It’s only a problem if I say they answer me.

4 comments on “Sanity Break: Nice Cats

  1. Wow, that is unusual. I’ve had some gentle cats in my day, but I never thought one could be trusted with a bird.

  2. That last clip was amazing. My cat even took note of that one.

    Animals are obviously capable of much more than the evolutionists would like us to believe. They are all here for a purpose and important enough that God saw fit to save all kinds during the deluge. In the restoration of all things I think we may be in for some surprises regarding animals. They are obviously a Divine gift.

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