What Is This Cat Doing?

Why does this cat steal assorted articles of clothing? Is she planning to open a consignment shop? The maker of this video asserts that her cat removes items from the closet and stashes them around the house. It is a mystery.

Our cat Buster used to roll around in our clothes, and once succeeded in putting his head through the leg-hole of a pair of undies: whereupon he betook himself to the windowsill to show off to the neighbors. But the cat in this video isn’t doing that.

Who can elucidate this mystery? Where’s Miss Marple when you need her?

3 comments on “What Is This Cat Doing?

  1. I can’t answer this one either. We had a siamese when the kids were young, and one evening they had the neighbor kids visiting, and all the kids had toys and were having a lot of fun. The cat watched for a while, then he went to the basement, grabbed a toy from there, brought it up and joined the fun. When he was finished, he put the toy in the corner where his dishes were and threw a scarf over it.

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