A New Low for Telemarketing Con Jobs

“Hello! This is Jennifer/Heather/Hillary Clinton (whatever)! Our records show that you have recently stayed at one of our resorts, sometime within the last year…”

That’s the phone call my wife got this afternoon. It made her too mad to think of any witty reply, and she just hung up. I wonder what would’ve happened if she’d said, “Oh? What resort was that, then?”

But obviously the thing is a scam, aimed at elderly people who may have serious problems with their memory. “Hey, I know! Let’s try to extract money from people who are really helpless! Like, for all they know, they really did stay at our Club Impetigo nine months ago–and had a really nice time, too! Maybe we can sign ’em up to stay again, and then we’ll have the check and they’ll forget they ever wrote it. Maybe we can even get a credit card number!”

Would it be too severe a punishment to stone people who do this?


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