I Find a Nice Place!

On my way to the nursing home I kept passing a sign that said “Opalanie Trail.” And I thought, “Trail? What kind of trail can there be?”

So this morning I went there on my bike–and it was beautiful. (Note to self: Be sure to go back in the spring and in the summer: there are thickets of black raspberries!)

Okay, it’s only half a mile. It was somebody’s Eagle Scout project. The trail takes you out to a deserted freight rail line, rusting away, with artifacts of bygone industry poking through the underbrush. It’s one of those places where nature is busily erasing the works of man.

It takes you out to what we call the Dismal Swamp, 1,250 acres of official state wetlands. You don’t expect to see wild places around here anymore: they are small, and few and far between. Nevertheless, they live. And here are to be found rarities–like the spotted pond turtle, and the bald eagle. I know the eagle is relatively common elsewhere. But around here it would be like seeing a griffin.

Image result for spotted pond turtle

God grant that these little islands of the wild survive.

Someday we might very badly need them.

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