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A Big, Big Bug

While I hunt around for a suitable cat video for you, met the weta. Imagine a great big cricket as big as a hamster, with pinch-beetle jaws, and you’ve got the weta from New Zealand. Hot dog!

Kentucky’s Rare Yellow Cardinals

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Hi, Mr. Nature here–dyin’ from the heat. Last week we had our winter coats on. Today it’s 95 degrees. Well, that’s New Jersey for you.

One thing we don’t have in New Jersey is yellow cardinals–the birds, I mean, not wishy-washy churchmen. For that you have to go to Kentucky.

But even in Kentucky, the yellow cardinal is quite rare. So much so, they urge you to take pictures if you see one. The Northern Cardinal most of us know is bright red (the males) or sort-of red with a green-brown overlay (females). Cardinals mate for keeps, and where you see the male, the female won’t be far behind–and vice-versa. The yellow form, ornithologists say, is a rare genetic mutation.

God has gifted these birds with spectacularly beautiful color, and we delight in them. Even in its fallen state, the world He has created offers beauty.

Whatever will it be like, when He regenerates His whole creation?

Special Treat: Live Mammoth Baloney

Like, there was this top-secret mission, see, and these Delta Force guys, they had to go into Siberia and the Russians, they didn’t know because it was secret, man, secret! And then the Delta Force guys, they seen these prehistoric woolly mammoths and shot this video, and then the video of this top-secret mission, it winds up on youtube…

But really–don’t I wish! Oh, I’d love to see a mammoth!

(Well, dude, you shoulda joined Delta Force, man…!)

Mom, Kids, Trapped in Bathroom by Savage Bobcat

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See what happens when you leave your doors and windows open?

Earlier this week, in Washington Township, NJ, a bobcat strolled into someone’s house and totally freaked out a woman and her two children, who fled to the safety of the bathroom (  )). There they remained for an hour or so, until police arrived and shooed the cat out of the house.

But dig this bit of journalistic prose: “… and after opening the exterior doors and kitchen windows, the bobcat left…” See, we toldja cats are smart.

If people were not so disconnected from the natural world, they wouldn’t be so scared of it. A bobcat weighs, oh, 20 pounds or so. Maybe 30. Yes, it could scratch or bite you, if motivated to do so. But so could any pet domestic cat. Who ever heard of anybody being killed and eaten by a bobcat? I’ve had neighbors who were terrified of baby skunks. If they should ever see a bobcat–!

Animals who live in close contact with humans may lose their fear of them–which is a lot more dangerous for the animals than it is for the humans–and be tempted to follow a nice aroma through the open door of a house or garage. So keep your doors shut, if you live in such an area.

But it’s hardly like you’ve got a lot of velociraptors stalking Washington Township, NJ, is it?

God’s Stuff: Ants Gathering Food

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.  Proverbs 6:6-7

Watch these ants. Someone has spilled some grain on a stone step, and the ants have turned out in force to collect it, to bring it back to their nest and store it for future use. By the time they’re done, there won’t be a single kernel left on the stone.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with more of God’s stuff that works a lot better than anything we humans can invent. Who trains the ants to store food against lean times to come? Who organizes them? How, without a government, without a spoken language, do they work so efficiently together?

This is God’s providence, here applied to tiny creatures which we don’t even notice unless they happen to annoy us. But He has taken thought for all His creatures, even ants.

We have resources at our command that ants can’t even imagine; and yet, if it were left up to college students who say that “Food just is!”, and doesn’t have to be carefully tended and diligently worked for… well, we’d all starve.

The ants know better, don’t they?

My Monarda Plant

rescued monarda 001

This is Patty sitting in for Lee, and I wanted to show you my Monarda plant, which has recovered very nicely from being crushed by an oaf.  There are 5 additional buds on it which should open in a few days.


An Angry Iguana

My own iguana was perfectly willing to make friends with cats and dogs, and even cuddle up with them if the room got cold. That’s because he was properly raised. But there was one cat who had a habit of coming into people’s rooms and pooing on the bed. He did not permit this cat to come into my room.

This iguana is still pretty young, as shown by his still bright-green color which will fade with age. I am told that it smarts when an iguana whacks you with his tail. I don’t know: I was never whacked or clawed or bitten.

However, he is old enough to hold back. The cat is not getting the full blast of iguana fury, not by a long shot. That would consist of gaping jaws paused to bite, loud hissing, tail-lashing–and a sudden charge. Here the lizard is just letting the cat know who’s boss, and staking his claim to respect.

I think the cat will figure it out.

Not a Tame Lion

Jesus Christ Our Lord, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5), is not always safe to be around. In the words of C.S. Lewis, “He’s not a tame lion!”

In this video, a male lion–totally ignoring the cars and the gawking onlookers who don’t understand what they’re seeing–takes down and kills an adult wildebeest all by himself. Our pop culture likes to present male lions as lazy duffers: but watch how this lion moves. That could be you, instead of the wildebeest.

To have no fear of Jesus Christ the Son of God is to have no sense. Even the gnus are wiser than that. For He will come again and claim His kingdom on the earth, and He will judge us all. Those who had no fear before will have it then… but it will be too late.

Seek God’s mercy and forgiveness now. His grace is inexhaustible.

But his power is much, much more than any lion’s.

The Gorgeous Goldfinch

This afternoon, as I forged ahead on my book, I was blessed with the sight of two goldfinches, a mated pair. The male is the bright yellow one, and the female has a kind of greenish tint.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with more of God’s stuff that really works and is a delight to His people.

Although the goldfinch is our state bird here in New Jersey, we don’t see them that often. But the male goldfinch is a real eye-catcher, and usually where you see one, you see both. They’re never very far from one another.

A good lesson for married people, that!

Ferocious Horned Frog

Hi, Mr. Nature here.

Some of you may not have heard of the horned frog mentioned in the cat video. Well, this is one–a small one. They grow a lot bigger, they have very sharp teeth and powerful jaws, and they do not want to play.

This frog is holding back, probably because he thinks the human hand and arm constitute a snake. He puffs himself up to make it harder for the snake to swallow him. Sooner or later he’ll realize his mistake, and then someone is in for a chomping.

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