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Mr. Nature: The Ocean Sunfish

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with another peek into some of the surprises God built into our world when He was creating it.

The ocean sunfish gets its name from its habit of basking sideways on the surface of the water, many miles out to sea. Because it doesn’t often visit shallow water, few people will ever see one of these. And a few who do will freak out. The ocean sunfish is the world’s largest bony fish, and yet it looks like only half a fish. Its favorite food strikes us as pretty insubstantial: jellyfish.

This creature is slow, ponderous, unable to maneuver quickly, without any means of defense, yet living in a dangerous environment, full of predators–nevertheless, here it is. If we knew the sunfish better, we might discover that it is ideally designed for the kind of life it leads

Nocturne with Newts (I’m Sick)

Two nights with no sleep at all, plus steady sinus toothache (that’s when all the teeth–yeah, I said all of ’em–on one side of your head hurt all at once), and I’m feeling a bit frayed around the edges. I’m thinking seriously of just going back to bed and hoping sheer fatigue will overcome me.

But first allow me to indulge myself with this nice video of newts swimming around at night in someone’s backyard pond in England. Graceful, aren’t they? There’s something about them that I find very soothing.

Meanwhile, everybody, please pray for me, ask the Lord to lift this affliction from me: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Is ‘Transgender’ the Left’s Shari’a?

See the source image

Ah, the dreck we have to put up with as “news”!

By a vote of 5-0–how does this happen?–the school board in West Point, Virginia, has fired a high school teacher for refusing to use the “preferred pronoun” of some mentally ill girl who says she’s now a boy (

See, he didn’t recognize her “gender transition” into a him, and that’s “misgendering,” which is a form of “hate speech,” and… and… and!

Just for the record, because truth matters even if our high-and-mighty school boards say it doesn’t, there is no such thing as a “transgender person.” All we have here is a mutilated girl who suffers from a delusion–and a lot of evil liberals who demand the rest of us kow-tow to that delusion.

And you can’t earn your living if you don’t at least pay lip service to something that you not only know is flat-out untrue, but is also an abomination–and it diminishes your dignity every time you allow them to force you to say it.

Hey! Suddenly I think I know why liberals are so in love with Islam! They’ve got a lot in common. The details of the law are radically different, but both of them have a kind of sacred law that they seek to impose on everybody else–a law that brooks no dissent, and punishes every deviation harshly. If that doesn’t describe the Left, I don’t know what does.

For how much longer are we in America going to be forced to bow down to the “transgender” delusion? How did these kooks acquire a “right” to our subservience?

When are we going to rediscover our self-respect?

The Littlest Mammoth

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Mr. Nature here–with a prehistoric animal that lasted into historic times: the pygmy mammoth of Wrangel Island. It was still alive when the Egyptians were building the pyramids.

In all respects except size it was a regular woolly mammoth. Wrangel Island is in the Arctic Ocean, just off Siberia. Today it’s frozen. But a few thousand years ago, mammoths lived there. The ground today is littered with tusks and bones.

Islands are funny. Some animals that are small on the mainland grow very large if they’re on an island for many generations. And some that are large on the mainland grow small if they’re confined to an island. Hence the pygmy elephants and hippos, and giant dormice, of various Mediterranean islands.

Think of a mammoth the size of a pony. And marvel at the work of God’s hands.

Cardinals in the Snow

Mr. Nature here. Somehow the combination of bright red cardinals, pure white snow, and green pine boughs strikes me as irresistibly Christmasy. I’ll bet I’m not the only one, either.

God’s handiwork is all around us, all the time, sometimes whispering, sometimes singing, sometimes shouting, “God is nigh! God is nigh.”

Screaming Fish–Really?

Mr. Nature here–and today our safari takes us to tropical shores around the world.

These small fish, mudskippers, have intrigued me ever since I first encountered them, as a little boy, in Bertha Morris Parker’s Natural History–and in the Sunday color comics, Mark Trail.

But I never knew, until I found this video today, that they could, well, scream.

Mudskippers live in intertidal zones and when the tide goes out, they emerge from their burrows and wander around on the mud, feed, mate, court, and fight over territory. They can breathe air through their skin, like frogs: which means they don’t dare dry out or they can’t breathe; but as long as they can stay moist, they can live out of water. And roll their eyes independently of one another. Like chameleons.

As for the screaming, suffice it to say I have doubts as to the reliability of this assertion. But even without the screaming–they can make other sounds as well–it makes for pretty cool video.

God’s stuff–just when you think you’ve figured it out, you run into mudskippers.

‘A Bird with Claws’ (2015)

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One of these days I’m gonna have to have Jandra’s pet bird–with teeth, claws, and a somewhat nasty temper–featured on the cover of one of my books. Meanwhile, here’s a bird in our own world that has claws on its wings.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The Biggest Predatory Mammal Ever

I didn’t mean to hit you with a prehistoric critter today, but this video caught my eye and I just can’t help sharing it with you.

Andrewsarchus, from Mongolia, is kind of hard to study because there’s only its yard-long skull that’s been preserved–and only one of those. But if you’ve ever stood in front of that skull, on display at the American Museum of Natural History, as I have, you will stand in awe. I mean, this beast had jaw-muscles as thick as a strong man’s upper arms. It could probably eat your car. In fact, that’s what I think it did eat–cars. With the people still in them.

God’s creative energy–there’s just no reining it in!

‘The Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Video’ (2015)

Image result for images of tiger swallowtail butterfly

This Thanksgiving Day–Global Warming Alert!!!–is shaping up to be the coldest ever, with temperatures only in the 20s. Up in New York City, they’re saying it might be hard to carry out the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, on account of high winds that might play havoc with the big balloons.

All in all, an ideal time for a little peek back into summer.

These last two summers, by the way, were very gentle–none of those dreadful heat waves, ten days in a row with temperatures in the 90s or worse.

“Climate science” is our stuff, and it’s crap.

The tiger swallowtail is God’s stuff, and it’s wonderful.

‘New York Times Stunts Insects’ Growth’ (2015)

Image result for images of insects eating newspaper

Here’s a startling fact that’s been known to science since at least 1977, and no one’s ever acted on it:

Insects raised in cages lined with copies of The New York Times don’t grow normally, and die before reaching maturity.

Why is that not surprising? Look what The New York Times does to human brains. What chance has a grasshopper?

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