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Good Grief! The Giant Baboon

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You’ve got to admit a baboon as big as a grown man would be an alarming proposition.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with Dinopithecus, the giant baboon. Granted, we only know this creature from bits of bone and fossil teeth, with nothing anywhere near a full skeleton; but if you’ve seen one set of baboon teeth, you’ve seen ’em all. At least that’s what I hear.

Dinopithecus teeth have been found in Ethiopia, but no living Dinopithecus has been found anywhere. I don’t care what they say about Capitol Hill in Washington.

God doesn’t make baboons in this size anymore; but I’m sure He’s kept the blueprints.

‘Another Mystery of God’s Creation’ (2015)

If still haven’t decided which is cooler, ringing rocks or lake guns. Both make inexplicable noises.

Both are easily observable in nature, and both puzzle the dickens out of those who observe them. Lake guns go boom, and no one knows why. Every theory they came up with has a hole in it. Meanwhile, all over the world, for longer than history, the lake guns continue to go boom…

They Just Won’t Give Up on Global Warming…

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Well, we’re back to “Global Warming makes the winters colder,” this time from some “climbit scientist” at my alma mater, Rutgers University (

The authors of this study admit they don’t actually know why it gets so cold in the winter, but not to worry–they’re gonna keep on studying computer models till they figure it out. Who needs to study messy, unpredictable old Nature when you can study nice, cooperative computer models that can only act on the data that you yourself put into them?

Periodically Rutgers calls to ask me for money. I laugh hysterically. If I’ve got money to give to the looniversity, I don’t deserve to have any money.

Why don’t the Climbit Change crowd just pack it in? Because they see in this the magic elixir for creating a world government with themselves lording it over the entire human race. That’s worth any amount of hard work, ain’t it? One you’re in the business of Saving The Planet, everything you do is justified. Liberals can’t resist it. Slave labor, mass graves, brainwashing–the time-honored apparatus of leftid utopia–something about that stuff really turns them on.

Please, everybody! Never, never, never again let Democrats ever take power in this country! Because that’ll be the end. This time they’ll make sure it is.

Shakespeare’s Tiger: Extinct

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Behold the Caspian tiger–known to Shakespeare as the Hyrcanian tiger (mentioned in Macbeth, Act 3, Sc. 4)–shown here in a European zoo, in the 19th century.

Once upon a time the Caspian tiger roamed Asia from Turkey to China. Its closest relative, the Siberian tiger, was only a little larger. This magnificent beast was wiped out just before the end of the 20th century–yet another example of how poorly communist countries served as stewards of the natural world. The Soviet Union finished them off.

Tigers in Turkey? Well, yeah. And a lot longer ago than that, the favorite sport of the kings of Assyria, in what is now Iraq, was lion-hunting. No more lions around there now, either.

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Seems a pity, doesn’t it?

This is Mr. Nature, waiting for God’s restoration and regeneration of the world.

The White Doe–for Real

Wow! Just like in Lintum Forest. Only when you see the white doe in Lintum Forest, it means you’re in for strange adventures. Like the one that befell Ryons in The Palace.

It snowed like crazy here yesterday, all day, finally tapering off at night. We were watching a Columbo episode when my eye strayed to the window: and there, standing in the yard, hardly ten feet away, was a doe. This time Patty saw it, too. And as we looked, another doe came along, and they both looked back at us. The spell broke when a car pulled into the parking lot and found the deer in its headlights. Contrary to the popular turn of phrase, they both ran away. But their tracks were there this morning.

No big deal, to a lot of you: but where we live, it seems almost miraculous that there should be any deer at all.

‘Monarch Butterfly Crosses Atlantic Ocean’ (2015)

What could be more fragile than a butterfly? And yet, at least from time to time, a lone butterfly crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

Don’t you just absolutely, positively love it when something that cool happens?

God’s way of telling us we don’t know everything; but He does.

Here Comes Our Tulip

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A little good news, for a change:

The sun is out today–finally!–I took a bike ride, and the first green shoot of our ancient tulip by the front door has peeked out from under the leaf litter. I don’t know how long a tulip lives, but we’ve been here forty years and I can’t remember a spring without this flower.

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.   –Genesis 8:22

The Lord is not asleep at His post, nor has He forgotten His creation, which includes us. The flowers awakening for the spring have a message for us: “God is nigh.”

The Giant Hedgehog

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Hi, Mr. Nature here–this time with a giant hedgehog.

If scientists are reading the fossils right–they do try–Deinogalerix was about five times the size of today’s cute and cuddly hedgehogs (see illustration). It once lived in Italy. It doesn’t anymore. You’re not going to get me to walk into the “X millions of years ago” trap. I have learned not to have much confidence in prehistoric dating schemes.

It’s estimated the giant hedgehog weighed ten pounds and grew to two feet long. I don’t know whether it had the typical hedgehog spines: maybe those haven’t been preserved as fossils, or have yet to be discovered. A spineless hedgehog would be somewhat of a letdown.

We marvel at the many forms of God’s handiwork, and we do wish we could have seen some of these creatures from long ago (however long ago it was). And who says He hasn’t found another place for them?

A Little Bit of God’s Stuff

F/9.0, 1/1250, ISO 400. Downy Woodpecker Teacher: Bob please point to America on the map. Bob: This is it. Teacher: Well done. Now class, who found America? Class: Bob did. Interesting Fact: Woodpeckers don’t sing songs, but they drum loudly against pieces of wood or metal to achieve the same effect. People sometimes think this drumming […]

via Dont Mess With Me, I Can Peck You Up! — Through Open Lens

Here’s a little bit of God’s stuff, courtesy of “Through Open Lens”.

World Government Summit Calls USA ‘the Enemy’

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Actors and other Citizens of the World have flocked to Dubai this week for the annual world government summit, to denounce their own country, America, as “the enemy” ( Whoop-dee-doo.

Experts and geniuses like Robert DeNiro, Goldie Hawn, Ariana Huffington, and of The Black Eyed Peas joined in trashing their country. They’re especially mad at us for not hopping aboard their Climbit Change bandwagon. DeNiro called America “a backward country, a place where science once reigned and lately has been replaced by ignorance.” They’re also still mad at us for not electing Crooked Hillary.

Also giving a speech was some yo-yo from the Cyborg Society, longing for the day when we can all be “part-human, part-technology.” He didn’t say which part would be which. Dude, anytime you want to hook your brain up to my computer–well, I was going to say “Come on down,” but on second thought, I’m afraid he would screw up my computer.

Nothin’ wrong with the world that a good, stiff dose of central government planning wouldn’t cure! Or so they say.

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