Cats & Dogs & Chaos

This is supposed to be a blog post. Somehow it got up on top of the home page and I have no idea how to get rid of it.

Dogs and cats have much more fun chasing each other than I have, trying to figure out how to work this thrice-bedamned computer.

One comment on “Cats & Dogs & Chaos”

  1. They sure seem to have fun.

    I had a tomcat that accepted a friend’s puppy and they used to chase each other and wrestle all the time. Then I got another cat, one that was afraid of dogs. When she saw those two wrestling you would think that she was seeing a major violation of the laws of decency; she became quite indignant at the sight.

    The funniest clip was the dog being chased by the cat and yelping like it was scared for its very life.

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