Cavall Lives!

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If you’ve been reading my Bell Mountain books, you know that Ryons, the boy king who was born a slave, has a guardian who never leaves his side: Cavall, the hound.

This is a picture of a dog who looks enough like Cavall to be him.

In The Thunder King, the hermit, Merry Mary, knowing that she will die soon, commands her dog to stay with the boy and protect him. A child wandering all alone in Lintum Forest needs a wise and valiant dog. Cavall has been with him ever since–to the rescue of the city of Obann, and all the way out to King Thunder’s fortress and back.

At this point I don’t know where they’ll be going next; but wherever it may be, they’ll go together.

2 comments on “Cavall Lives!

  1. Well, he’s certainly handsome, though not at all what I pictured. Seemed as though he would’ve looked more like a bull mastiff 🙂 Waiting for ‘The Throne’.

    1. A bull mastiff would certainly do the trick. I thought it unlikely that Merry Mary would have a purebred dog–but as long as nobody images Cavall as a Chihuahua or a pug, you are free to cast him as a mastiff.

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