I has A Brillent Idear!

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Has i got a brillent Idear “or” waht??? Man I knew bean in Collidge all theese yeers it wuld make Me “a” reel Interllectural!

My idear is to make A yeer twicet as Long “as it” is now and iff thay doo that “al sortes of” grate things goin to hapen. 1) We will al be yonger, insted of 28 i wil bee 15. 2) Yiu wil bee Abel “to get twicet” as mutch done In a yeer as yuo used to. 3) The govverment thay wil save tonns of Money$$ on Socale Secority becose No one wil live longg “enogh” to colect!! 5) Whe wil save tonns of Paper becose callenders thay wil last twicet as long!

I knowed i was havvin a Idear wenh I “looked in” the mirrer and seen My Moth Antenners thay was standin strait Up thay alyaws does that Whan i havvin a Idear and then i Get hunngery i wondar Iff i “can” fined a t’shirt for suppar.

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  1. Joe baby, you are way ahead of the curve, as always. Just think of all the government would be able to give us with this arrangement, two of every season per year. Annual crop productivity would double. Government intake of tax money would double and they’d only have to issue tax refunds once a year, so they’d have more money for Transgender Climate Change Specialists. 🙂

    1. Here’s how it all works. I ask you if I can borrow two dollars, but I insist that you only give me one dollar right now. Then, at that point, I owe you one dollar and you owe me one dollar, so we’re even. If you can master that logic you will understand Joe Collidge. 🙂

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