Un-Cooperating Pets

You can’t always get people to do what they’re supposed to do, so why should dogs and cats be any different?

Well, at least people don’t tear up cushions and throw the stuffing all over the place. Most people, that is.

3 comments on “Un-Cooperating Pets

  1. I don’t remember having a pet this naughty, but we did have a Dachsund that would jump on my white suede chair when company came in. I guess he thought I wouldn’t scold him in front of company. I did, though, and then he would tuck his tail and go hide.

  2. We once had a Doberman who hated to be left home alone, so one day he decided to amuse himself in our absence – he shredded my daughter’s Snoopy dog and threw the stuffins all over the house, and I do mean from one end to the other! I was amazed at how much stuffing was in that Snoopy! It was hilarious 🙂

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