Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the *** on Your Way Out

Image result for images of caligula

Emperor Caligula used to give himself medals…

I know, I know–not my style to do news on a Sunday. But this just can’t be overlooked. It’s very funny, in a way.

Believe it or not, President *Batteries Not Included earlier this month took time out from vandalizing the country to give himself a medal. ( )

Yes, he did, on Jan. 4–he got the Dept. of Defense, and the Secretary of Defense whom he appointed, to give him the Distinguished Pubic Service Medal. Oops, that’s supposed to be Public Service.

What a class act. “In appreciation for his services as Commander-in-Chief…” You have to laugh.

So much for that. Now for a walk in the snow. Maybe I can run into Mr. Nature.

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