It’s Your Wake-up Call

Really, this is a rather nice way to be awakened in the morning–by your cat. Hey, who loves ya, baby? Note how quietly and gently they go about their work.

The guy with the pet howler monkeys, that’s the guy with a problem…

One comment on “It’s Your Wake-up Call”

  1. It’s always amazed me how polite and respectful cats are when they decide that it’s tome for you to wake up. They aren’t, even in the slightest bit. rude, but they also want you awake and aren’t going to rest until you are.

    What I try to keep in mind is that cats do this because they were made to do this. Everything we see in them does from a loving and wise creator that made cats, and dogs and everything else. His creation works, and works well. It’s the human element that fails.

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