Coping With Alien Artifacts

Let’s face it, that’s what it boils down to, if you’re a cat–trying to make sense of all this stuff that makes perfect sense to humans but not to anybody else. Glass, for instance. What’s a cat to make of glass?

Could we do as well, if we had to live on a planet full of things made by and for gigantic cats?

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4 responses to “Coping With Alien Artifacts

  • Linda Sorci

    This is one of the wonderful things about cats – they persist even when they don’t understand a thing. Mirrors and cats are always such fun! And they can make their own fun, too! Having rescued so many cats from the streets, it’s quite something to see a very scared – even feral – cat settle in to life with glass and mirrors and good food 🙂


  • UnKnowable

    That kitten trying to intimidate its own reflection was precious. No matter how scary it acted, the kitty in the mirror became just as scary.

    My little cat has learned that things on the iPad are unreadable. She’ll watch, especially if there’s a cat video, but she rarely gets worked up about cats she sees on the iPad, anymore.

    If we lived on a planet filled with giant cats we would be an endangered species. 🙂


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