Does Your Cat Do This?

I’ve seen this in several cat videos–silly cat tumbling down the stairs on purpose. I’ve never had a cat that did that. I think one of my cousins does it from time to time, but she has a very wide staircase in her home. I’m much too big to tumble down my stairs here, and I think it would alarm my cats if I tried.

One comment on “Does Your Cat Do This?”

  1. This kitty seems to be quite relaxed as she takes these stairs in a rather unconventional way 🙂

    Although I didn’t have stairs for my cats to tumble down, I did have one who liked to jump to the top of my swinging door – apparently, he liked the ride. In case you’re wondering how this could be, it was sort of a chef’s door that didn’t reach to the ceiling or frame. It was open at the top.

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