The Weird, Weird West

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The city of Seattle has divested $3 billion worth of business with Wells Fargo as a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline ( ).

Complete with “activists” banging on tom-toms and wearing Native American costumes and Chinese hats, the city council meeting turned into quite a show.

Leading the attack on Wells Fargo was council member Kshama Sawant, the only non-Democrat on the council. She belongs to the Socialist Alternative Party–and if you can explain the difference between that and the Democrat Party, go to the head of the class. Anyhow, the vote was unanimous, the activists whooped it up with tom-toms, and Kshama Sawant foretold it would be the start of “a grassroots socialist revolution” from sea to shining sea, blah-blah.

Oh, yeah–what we all want is a grassroots socialist revolution. They make for such exciting reading in history! The firing squads, the lynchings, the purge trials, and everybody but the socialist tinpot rulers plunged into deepest poverty–it’s always the same pattern. Of course, we could always just move to Venezuela; but it would be so much more fun to impose this on Americans.

Is it possible that some of these people in Seattle are unaware that there is more to America than just a few big cities full of leftists? Let’s see… San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle–that’s pretty much the whole country, right?

Yo, California! When you secede, take Washington with you.

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  1. Apparently these people are so disconnected that they don’t realize the food they eat, the heat in their homes, the smartphones into which they yack, all of these function because an army of skilled, hard-working people do tough jobs every day.

    So they try to shut down that which they find unsightly or distasteful, never stopping for even a moment, to think that they are sawing off the very branch upon which they are seated. This is likely to get worse, not better, until Creator steps in. They are deluded by the demonic spirits.

    1. Deluded and short-sighted, lacking in any common sense. These are the leaders we are currently raising up to rule? God forbid! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  2. Whoa! Lee, please, not so fast! Unfortunately I moved to WA state because of grandkids. Trust me, we don’t all think like this female (if I may be judgemental) you speak about. You should have heard some of the idiotic statements she made when she spear-headed the $15/hour min. wage movement 2 years ago. (it passed by the way, but she was no where to be found when min. wage workers started having their hours cut back or were laid off altogether OR small businesses closed their doors. No news coverage there at all). Anyway, please, please don’t wish for WA state to be gone (at least as long as I’m living here with precious grandkids). Love you and your blog. Hosea 4:6 “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” Lord, I pray for knowledge.

    1. You’ve got to admit, it’d be mighty tempting to lose some of those WA politicians. Wait’ll the Dems run Kshama Whatsername for president. Then we can have a nationwide $15/hr minimum wage, and a Depression. Then again, maybe her grassroots socialist revolution will sweep America and all 50 states will become workers’ paradises.

      But I’m from New Jersey, and I’m sure a lot of the other states would like ours to secede.

    2. Likewise for New York State – or at least New York City! That would be a great idea. Then the rest of the state would be freed of the NYC loons!

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