Do Cats Learn from Video?

For years our printer went about its business unmolested. And then, suddenly, during the past week, Robbie and Peep have decided to interfere with it. They have discovered the joy of poking around the printer, scraping paper out of it and trying to stick their heads into it. Peep had the paper all over the floor this morning.

The only explanation that seems to make any sense is that they have seen some of the cat videos I’ve posted here and decided to imitate those cats who are assaulting a printer.

If cats can learn bad habits from video, what about children? And dogs? In this video you will see a dog trying to get in on the act; but a cat has reserved the printer to himself, and won’t allow it.

There is surely a Nobel Prize waiting for anyone who can explain what cats see in printers.

One comment on “Do Cats Learn from Video?”

  1. It is strange, the degree to which cats react to a printer. They seem to be very much on guard, but their curiosity outweighs their cautiousness. All I can imagine is that to a cat, anything that moves must be alive, and they are interested in having an accurate inventory of all living things in the home, so they have to keep an eye on the printer. Once their attention is focused on the printer, they want to find the source of the noise and the motion, so they explore.

    That’s my theory, right or wrong. Either way, it’s fun to watch.

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