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Remember this nasty little surprise from your Mille Bornes game? Creve! means you’ve got a flat tire, a blowout–and that’s what I got this morning.

The weather turned nice, so I went for a ride on my bike; and when I was absolutely as far from home as I was going to be, kablooey! Big ugly gash torn in the tire, and it sounded like someone tried to shoot me.

No, I don’t have an Increvable (Puncture-proof) card.

Why do these things always happen on weekends and holidays, when there’s no one available to fix it? Wow, I got a double whammy–Sunday, followed by Presidents’ Day. It’s like one of your teeth breaking in half on Christmas Eve. Yeah, I’ve had that one, too.

Well, I got my exercise–walking the bike all the way home. And it’s the rear tire, so I dassn’t try to fix it myself: I’d never get the chain back on properly. And the tire is completely shot, needs to be replaced.

There are some other French words I would apply to the situation, but this being a Christian blog, I must restrain myself.

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