This Blog Needs You

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When you come right down to it, all I can do for this little cyber-enterprise is write the articles and post the pictures. Everything else has to be done by you, the readers.

I depend on you to circulate the posts–by sharing them on Facebook, if you have it, or other social media sites, and trying a bit of word-of-mouth advertising when you think of it. We can only grow by adding new readers, new visitors.

We’ve been growing steadily since 2012, and so far 2017 is shaping up to be our best year yet.

I just wanted to say “Thank you,” and now I’ve said it.

9 comments on “This Blog Needs You

  1. You’re very welcome, Lee. And we thank you – for a cozy blog with a wide variety of subjects: some serious, some lighthearted, some even tongue-in-cheek, daily hymns, prayer requests – and always to the glory of God. And many of us, your loyal readers, feel a connection with one another, and enjoy running conversations. Your blog is a breath of fresh air much appreciated in today’s insanity. We thank you, kind sir.

  2. We appreciate you being here, Lee. Many of us share similar beliefs and find this to be a place where we can comfortably fellowship. Many of the posters seem to have strong beliefs, but I’ve never been made to feel that I have to adopt anyone else’s beliefs, with the exception of a few trolls that drop by to complain and tell us that we’re out of touch. Those folks seem to want the rest of us to see things there way, but I’m not biting.

  3. We love your blog..sorry I do not do Facebook and reading some comments from our brothers and sisters in Christ are just HORRIBLE!!!!!We are supposed to be lifting each other up in In JESUS CHRIST NOT TEARING INTO ONE ANOTHER. Goodness gracious people, there is enough anger in the world right now why attack every word that is spoken and written. We are to shine Christ Love through our actions and our words. Not judge, troll and tear down the body of Christ. We all have bad days but if you don’t like what you see and hear don t read it and definitely keep opinion out. We are all going through trials and tribulations wether it be sickness, attacks from family and the big one government boot stomps. But we are to pick up our cross daily, build one another in the name of Jesus Christ and PRAY for one another…no matter what “side” you are on. Lee, your blog has been a blessing and when there is a need for prayer in the body of Christ all who follow your blog are quick to respond and I say AMEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!THANK YOU. For when I asked for prayer for my mom who has stage 4 cancer and has to go into the hospital we could feel God working and answering prayer because she did not die but is back home with us doing ok. MAY GOD KEEP THIS BLOG GOING AND PROTECT ALL. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

    1. I think from now on I’m just going to delete messages from trolls. I can’t think of anyone who needs to read them.

    2. I would. I’ve seen notifications from critics of the site and it’s tempting to respond, but that just feeds their egos. If they can draw you into an argument, they are accomplishing what they set out to do.

      Most trolls don’t want to reason, they are expressing anger, frustration, exasperation and perplexity over the fact that there are people out there that hold opinions with which they disagree. I’ve been a member of online forums for nearly 20 years now, and I’ve never seen a troll that changed their ways.

  4. Amen, Shannon! and Praise God! You and your mom remain in my prayers – as does everyone here at “Lee’s house”

    1. Thank you in JESUS Name! As for our house we too are praying for you and your family as well as our family here on your blog. For when it comes down to it we all need each other more than ever!! For such a time as this the Body of Christ, we are all family!! Until that glorious day when we shall all meet in heaven. WE ARE SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT DAY AMEN! Keep on blogging Brother. And many many prayers for your aunt. Godspeed. 2nd Corinthians v3-4 Blessed be God,even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies,and the God of all comfort; who comforter us in all our tribulation,that We may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort where with we ourselves are comforted of God. Praise the Lord! Shannon B

  5. I’m new in the neighborhood, but I’ve felt welcome and inspired from the beginning. Thank you, Lee, for the opportunity to share prayers, thoughts, and confidences with such wonderful neighbors.

    I don’t do Facebook or other social networking either, but I’ve shared a couple of hymns with friends. And I came here through a link in one of your articles, so maybe others are doing so as well.

    Again, thank you, Lee. You and all the “regulars” are in my prayers daily. You are a blessing.

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