Costco Labels the Bible ‘Fiction’

Source: Costco Labels the Bible ‘Fiction’

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  1. what happened to the other three comments on this one? I made a comment, and there were two others.

    1. They’re here, Erlene. It’s just that when I re-publish an article, it comes out in two formats at the same time: the original, and the “Press This” thingy. Those other comments haven’t failed to appear. If you read the original, you can comment there; or if you are on the “Press This” page, you can comment there. If you look at both entries, you can see all the comments–which is what I just did.

      Please, no more computer prombles today!

  2. I’m with you on that. This computer has been giving nothing but trouble
    since 5:00am today. I thought another bummer had happened.

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