They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs

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Rich liberals in my rich liberal home town are putting up yard signs, I guess because they lost an election and can’t take victory for granted anymore.

Hate Has No Home Here is the most common sign, with Science Is Real in second place.

The slogan is repeated in Arabic and Spanish to make sure jihadists and gangsters get the message.

While Muslim terrorists slaughter innocent people throughout the world, rich liberals in rich liberal neighborhoods think it would be hateful to keep Muslim “asylum seekers” out of not-so-rich and not-so-liberal neighborhoods in other towns. Other states, if possible. Ignoring the carnage–the jihad blew up 20-plus people at a concert in Manchester, just hours ago–the libs seek to demonstrate their righteousness and their generosity without paying any kind of price: because they always succeed in arranging for other people to pay the price for them.

Those who seek to wipe out our nation’s borders are the accomplices of Islamic jihad, Latino street gangs, and drug lords.

And it’s all so they can feel so good about themselves! No price is too high for you to pay for them to feel righteous.

I do understand that there are Muslims who only wish to live at peace with their neighbors, and are surely no threat to anyone. May we never, never lump them in with the murderers.

And I hope they understand that some of us are getting mighty tired of liberals and their suicidal policies getting innocent people blown to Kingdom Come.

P.S.–I think it’s righteous to hate murderers and try to stop them if we can, and punish them with death if we can catch them. We are in serious trouble if that kind of “hate” has no home here anymore.

Liberals sincerely do not care how many of you get killed in the course of their little demographic and cultural experiments.

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  1. Control the meaning of words and you can control dialogue. One very common way of doing this is to brand any opposing views as “hate” and shout down one’s opponents. It is a tried and true method and the Left seems not to be able to get enough of such nonsense.

  2. I have been cursed, my God has been cursed because of my beliefs, and I have been called everything but a bird dog. I DO NOT CARE. The Scripture says that if we love that which God hates…we are wrong. period.
    God hates evil, and He says so in no uncertain terms. In the days of Joshua, His orders were to wipe out every human and in some cases, even the animals they had because the cup of their iniquity was FULL. That is good enough for me, and I don’t give a rip who doesn’t like it.

    1. Amen, Erlene!

      They’re following their gods – the ‘four hidden dynasties’ of religion, education, economy and government, all distributed by the fifth – the press/media. They love their leader, Satan, the Destroyer. They’ll have a long, long time to spend with him, praise God!

      In Italian, there is a saying that when translated, says: “God walks with a slow foot, but eventually He reaches everyone.”

      Come, Lord Jesus!

  3. In the minds of many, the notion of accepting anything and everything, no matter how evil, has become a badge of reasonableness or tolerance. Apparently they don’t realize that the evil they tolerate may end up harming them directly.

    There is a perversion of justice happening. In the name of tolerance an environment has been created which has emboldened all sorts of characters to act, knowing that they have near impunity.

  4. Do these people lock their doors and garages at night? Do they lock their cars when they go into the city for shopping? If so, what haters they must be!

    Would they call the police if they discovered home invaders on their premises? If so, what haters they must be!

    (I just had a mental image of someone prying all the locks off these people’s homes and cars and replacing them with a “Hate Has No Home Here” sticker.)

  5. Excellent points, Phoebe. In their minds, it is only hate if someone else does it. Talk about delusional.

  6. You think maybe those “rich liberals” might be putting those signs up because of our own nation’s vehement divisiveness toward each other? Hell, even the President encourages it. He said it again in his speech to the Coast Guard cadets… he was president in order to serve those who voted for him. What about the rest of the country… which pretty much is the popular majority who didn’t vote for him? Is he punishing us? Yeah.. sounds like you folks would love that concept. Which is my whole point… you are hating your fellow Americans… and many of them are hating you. Do we really need that in America?

    1. Doug, I think you’ve just proved our point, i.e., that liberals tend to call anyone who doesn’t agree with them a “hater.” It’s quite possible to disagree with someone, or even to take a course of action that the other person doesn’t like, without “hating” the person.

      No one here hates our fellow Americans — or at least the followers of Christ don’t. We have a commandment from Jesus to love one another. We may “hate” an idea or an action, in the sense of rejecting it as harmful, evil, noxious, and so on. But we must not hate an individual. We must love one another as Christ loves us. He’s told us so.

      Of course, we also know that love isn’t a fuzzy emotion. It’s an act of the will, something we do rather than feel. We must wish — and strive for — the well-being of one another. And sometimes love must say no, must reject wrongdoing, at the very least must refuse to cooperate with it.

      And, of course, as rational beings, we may also reject an idea as harmful or impractical. Again, that doesn’t mean we hate the person who’s advanced the idea — or even the idea itself, in many cases. We may just think the idea is wrong and/or unworkable. If you believe that thinking an idea is wrong is equivalent to hating the person who proposes it, then you’ve just told us that you hate us. But I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were just being careless with your words.

  7. Well stated, Phoebe.

    Indiscriminate use of the word hate is tactic which seeks to bypass dialogue and claim the moral high ground It is, in essence, an admission that the person crying hate is not willing to put their ideas out for consideration. I suspect that this usually indicates that their ideas are strong convictions based upon emotion.

    If you try to talk to such people, you will almost certainly be constantly interrupted because that’s really all they have. If you do manage to make a statement of the reasons for your convictions the response will almost certainly involve twisting the meaning of your statement and redefining words to serve that end.

    Ultimately, trying to discuss anything of weight with such persons is a waste of time.

    1. Liberal tactics of discussion include name-calling, repetition of mindless slogans and formulae, drowning out the other side by shouting or chanting, and if all else fails, violence.

      It’s only in the last year or so that liberals have convinced me that they really are, in a literal sense, the servants of Satan.

    2. I think that people are making choices and as the Far Left becomes more and more emboldened, the followers of that left are becoming more and more extreme in their hatred for their Creator.

      I never used to “get it”, with regard to the Left. I thought that they may have been ill informed or afflicted with credulity, but it seems to me that they root cause is actually a matter of choosing to stand against order itself.

      A while back, I was in a conversation with someone that believed in a flat earth. This was an educated person with whom I had discussed science in the past. He know enough to dismiss the flat earth notion as unscientific but HE WANTED TO BELIEVE IT. (Sorry for the all caps, but its the only form of emphasis available in a comment.)

      This man CHOSE to promulgate this teaching because, apparently, it allows him to reject all authority. He went from a pretty decent fellow to a scroungy person with poor grooming at about the same time. This is the closest encounter I have had with the “strong delusion” of 2 Thess 2:11 and it convinced me that this is a very real thing. At that time, BTW, I ended all association with him, because I truly believe that is the only safe course. I won’t even take a phone call or text from him.

      In return, Satan offers something that God does not: total moral freedom. Satan offers sex without consequence or responsibility, abortion on demand and the freedom to live as you wish and blame others for the consequences of your choices. It doesn’t appeal to me, but it obviously appeals to many.

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