Answered Prayer! Jaxx the Kitten

jaxx looking in

Jaxx says thank you!

Jaxx the kitten needed help in a hurry, a lot of you prayed for him, and God has provided the help. Bottom line: he’s going to be all right.

Georgia and Ridgie were on their way from Charleston, SC, to Gainesville, FL, to get Jaxx his transfusion when a tech at their local vet’s office came in to work, heard about the situation, and remembered that a donor cat was to be found right there in Charleston. So they turned back, everybody met at the vet’s office, and Jaxx got his transfusion. And he has already begun to get better. One more treatment is expected to finish the job, and then he can come home.

Are we crazy for going to so much trouble for our pets? Well, if we are, then love is crazy, too.

We thank you, Our Father in Heaven, for answering our prayers for this little kitten’s life; and we thank you for creating us in Your image, with such a capacity for love. Amen!

6 comments on “Answered Prayer! Jaxx the Kitten

  1. I’m glad to hear that the little fellow is on the mend.

    From firsthand experience, I know the degree to which these beautiful creatures can capture our hearts.

  2. Thanks be to God! And yes, we do go to great lengths for our pets. Maybe they’re God’s way of training us in love.

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