Equal Time for Peep


This is Robbie’s sister, Peep. She doesn’t much care for all the attention Robbie has been getting lately, and it has made her rather cross. Her behavior was so bad the other day, I started calling her Black Bart. But at the best of times she is a very nice Peep indeed.

7 comments on “Equal Time for Peep

  1. They’re both beautiful girls, Lee. It’s perfectly understandable that Peep should be a little out of sorts under the circumstances. Animals are very sensitive to our emotions. She probably realizes there’s a problem with her sister, and she certainly notices her people are upset about something. She can’t verbalize her frustration so she does the next best thing to express herself in the matter.

    1. Well, now they’ve just decided the bedroom isn’t big enough for both of them. *sigh* They must’ve been a real bundle of laughs for their mother to carry in the womb.

  2. She looks like a nice little kitty. I’m sure she knows that something is amiss, but what to do? I would definitely take to heart Linda’s suggestion about clothing whenever there’s a vet visit.

  3. I suppose you’ve also tried giving Peep more than usual affection to keep her assured that you aren’t favoring Robbie, so I won’t bother suggesting it. How about separate fenced areas, with a glass or poly wall between them, so they can battle it out without hurting each other? (Just joking.)

    They’re both lovely girls, though.

    1. Both these cats get tons of affection throughout the day. They have been fighting with each other for years. But they do close ranks whenever a bug or a spider invades their space.

      If you can figure out cats, there ought to be a Nobel Prize in it.

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