Simple Pleasures

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God has given us simple pleasures to keep us sane. I don’t have space to list all the simple pleasures I enjoy, because in this respect, God has made me rich. And without spending a lot of money on it, either. But here are just a few of my favorites, which help me to avoid going off the deep end.

A sweet, sunny day, 70 or 75 degrees, my lawn chair, a nice cigar, and the book I happen to be writing at the time.

In bed with my wife, Peep the cat purring, and us with our bedtime books: Agatha Christie, Freddy the Pig, Narnia, and other favorites.

A nice game of chess by one of the old masters–Morphy, Marshall, Anderssen.

A Christmas tree.

Coasting downhill, no-handed, on my bike: makes me feel 12 years old again.

Combing Robbie, who can barely contain herself for pure pleasure.

A satisfying supper: Patty excels at creating these.

Jigsaw puzzles.

A snowy day.

And a tiger swallowtail butterfly visits our little garden…

I could go on with this all day and into the night. Thank you, Father in Heaven, for all of these and more–and for teaching me to appreciate them.

8 comments on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Good food, good music, good weather, good memories. And of course a cat — good or otherwise.

    Sometimes, when I’m listening to 18th or 19th century opera, I think this must be a foretaste of the beauty of Heaven.

  2. A freshly mowed lawn, fresh cut hay, salt water at the beach, a hummingbird visiting the flowers in the hanging basket on my porch, a luna moth who happened to get into the house, soaring over the roof when you free it . . . the list is endless, praise God!

    1. The hummingbird was not a foot from me on my porch, and didn’t take any particular notice of me. I’ve been in the presence of hummingbirds before, but that was the closest. The luna moth was on my bathroom light switch in Florida. I caught it gently and when I let it go, it soared up over my roof and was gone. Incredible experiences.

    2. I’ve never seen a Luna Moth. But have met several Luna-Tics. 🙂 Hummingbirds, I’ve seen on a number of occasions, most recently while in the Midwest visiting family. They are amazing little helicopters with wings that beat extremely fast.

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