Ex-CIA Chief Calls for Revolt Against President

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John Brennan, who ran the CIA under President *Batteries Not Included, has called for non-elected employees of the executive branch to defy elected President Donald Trump if he attempts to fire Witchfinder-General Robert Mueller (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4730380/Brennan-Officials-refuse-Trump-fires-Mueller.html).

Mueller and his happy band of Clinton donors, the, er, “special counsel” and his team, are investigating anything and everything pertaining to the president. And if President Trump tries to cut short this fishing expedition, “El Kuds” Brennan said, it would “oblige some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out.”

The president has absolutely lawful authority to terminate Mueller’s activity whenever he sees fit.

We call Brennan “El Kuds” because that’s the Arab name for Jerusalem and Brennan, an enthusiastic supporter of all things Muslim, calls Jerusalem “El Kuds.” He has never either confirmed or denied reports that he converted to Islam while on duty in Saudi Arabia. Why he’s so coy about it, you’d have to ask him.

But he’s not coy about suggesting that the rule of law be overturned here in America, and that a special counsel appointed by the president to investigate a specific thing–in this case, all that blather about the Russians cooking the 2016 election to rob poor Hillary of the White House–be free to do anything he pleases for as long as he pleases, with no possibility of reining him in.  Yep–these nameless, faceless lifers in government agencies you never even heard of, they should really run the show: and if the people elect a president they’re not happy with, they ought to bring him down. That’s what “El Kuds” Brennan is proposing.

We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution! After all, his friends the Saudis don’t have one, and their country, to hear him tell it, is a paradise.

He ought to be given a one-way ticket back.

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    1. Depends on which side you’re on. We call it treason. The libs call it free speech.

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