Libs Defend Female Genital Mutilation

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Believe it or not, the American Civil Liberties Union and other Western leftids are now defending the barbarous practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a prevalent custom in Muslim countries and among many native African groups.

It used to be called “female circumcision,” but that was a very misleading term. For a male to suffer the equivalent of this procedure would mean lopping off the entire three-piece set. If that statement is too gross for you, I can’t help it. This is evil stuff we’re talking about, and finding delicate language for it would be dishonest and confusing.

So now the ACLU is busy up in Maine, working to prevent making FGM a Class B crime that could be prosecuted by the state ( It already is a crime, according to federal law; but there aren’t enough federal prosecutors to go around. According to the Center for Disease Control–five years ago, in 2012–there were already half a million victims of FGM in the USA.

Is there any evil that liberals won’t endorse? Is there any good that they won’t oppose?

It’s not only the ACLU. Every left-wing nincompoop who believes in multiculturalism, including a crowd of anthropologists (!), supports the “right” to cut off girls’ genitals.

Oh! Did I mention that FGM is practiced only by Muslims, and a few pagans? That’s why the ACLU presents it as an issue of “religious freedom.” They make war on Christians for praying at a high school graduation, but they’ll also make war to defend the Muslims’ “right” to cut off a little girl’s genitals–and then they sew her up, only to have to cut her open again if she’s going to get married or have a baby.

And from the West’s feminists we hear… nothing. From the bunch who march around in pink pussy hats and snarl, “We are nassssty women!”, not a thing.

Is it permitted to ask whether it’s really that good an idea to bring in hordes and hordes of immigrants whose culture is totally incompatible with ours, and who refuse to assimilate? Is it all right for us to ask that question?

Or do we just have to let our leaders keep on doing it?

P.S.–The bill proposed in main would also criminalize eluding federal law by shipping the girls back to the Old Country to be mutilated there, and then brought back here to enjoy more free stuff.

Build. The. Wall. Now.

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