A Nasty Night in the Neighborhood

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Some people act like they’ve got no souls.

Alone in the living room last night, I wished to listen to a hymn–Light of the World, in fact–when I was interrupted by a great deal of noise from across the lawn.

It was two louts hurling long streams of f-bombs at each other. I couldn’t quite get the drift of the discussion: something to do with a sum of $30. They got louder and louder and then started fighting. Don’t quit your day jobs, fellas. They might have hurt themselves by accident, but they didn’t have the skills to hurt each other. This went on until it woke my wife and brought out some other people from the building, who finally broke it up. The two combatants yelled and cursed for another few minutes, then at last they went away.

Now this is not an inexpensive neighborhood–thus proving that you don’t have to be poor to enjoy the ghetto lifestyle. I didn’t call the cops because they already know their way to that particular row of condos. They could find it blindfolded. Another few minutes and they would’ve been here, too.

Years ago, stuff like that never happened around here. But as The Smartest People in the World melt down and debase our culture, they’re happening more often. And not just here, I guess.

I will play the hymn again tonight and hope for the best.

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  1. While you’re at it, Lee, you can post the hymn here. We can always use another, and that’s a great one.

    Meanwhile, idiots will continue to be idiots, unless th fall on their faces before the Light of the World!

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